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Nazarova Varvara, 5 years old

Date of birth: 30 November 2009.

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy (CP), Hydrocephalus. After a long period of treatment and a number of failed operations, Varya, at last, is starts getting better; and the progression is steady. The only problem is that her mother has no money to support a dynamic change in the state of health. They need your help in raising RUB 96 000 to pay for the treatment course in a rehabilitation centre.
29 October 2015

Varya does not know that a childhood can do without any treatment and staying at hospitals. As soon as the girl was born, she was immediately transferred to an Intensive Care Unit to care for Hydrocephalus. During the first years of her life she underwent a lot of serious operations, some of which were not a success. It was It was a three years’ period of epileptic seizures, which made the child suffer each half an hour. It was the time of hopes and expectations, when it seemed that the following operation, course of treatment or medicine would be their salvation. It was the time of becoming disenchanted with lack of tangible results of the effort which had been made.

Still, hope never disappeared from the family. It was Varya who gave it. Despite everything she had come through — stop functioning of a shunt, another anaesthesia or attack — she managed to cope with them. For several times she had been claimed to be bedridden; the doctors had doubts whether she would ever be able to get out of bed. But each time first Varya opened her eyes, than learnt how to swallow, to sit, to stand and smile at her mother. And hope flared up in the family. They carried on believing that the series of failed operations and ineffective methods of treatment came to an end; the time to beat her illness has come.

Now the very moment has arrived. For several months it has been a period of lull — the shunt perfectly fulfils its function; there are no more attacks. Varya is getting better quickly, is learns many new things, is getting new social and every day skills. This is the very moment to help the child undergo the rehabilitation treatment. But she has to confine herself to doing physical exercises at home and having a massage from time to time. During the years of treatment Varya’s mother did not manage to collect at least a small amount of money. It was simply impossible, as they had to (and still do) get by Attendance Allowance and Disability Living Allowance.

Varya’s mother has no money to pay for their stay at the rehabilitation centres. Her mother cannot find a job yet. The girl has neither a father, nor someone else to help. Lack of money might result in losing a chance of a successful recovery from the disease. It is scaring. But with your assistance it could be prevented. We beg you to help in collecting RUB 96 000 to pay for a course of treatment in a rehabilitation centre. Please, help to save the girl’s future!

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