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Nikitin Sergey, 33 years ago

Date of birth: 3 April 1983.
Tomsk oblast, Seversck.

Diagnosis: Spastic paraplegia. An infection that was not diagnosed in time caused complications developed in the spinal cord. As a result, Sergey was paralysed. As yet, there is a small chance to restore the lost functions, so we beg you to take part in collecting money to pay for the course of rehabilitation at a cost of RUB 175 800.
10 November 2016

Sergey has not become confined to a wheelchair at once. Symptoms of his illness have been arising gradually for several years. Had the doctors been more attentive to their patient, they would have detected the infection — Staphylococcus aureus that can be cured successfully, if it is diagnosed in time. The reasons for the back ache were found only while Sergey was undergoing a spine operation, when it was too late to take measures. The infection had destroyed the nerve rootlets of the spinal cord and the legs stopped functioning.

Sergey has been recognising some symptoms of the disease for several years, as if his organism warned him by means of aching; so he emphatically consulted doctors, and did so very often. But only after becoming paralyzed he realised what the pain had denoted. It seems that after such a misfortune had happened, the doctors should have changed their attitude towards the patient. It is indifference, however, that Sergey is haunted by even today, just as he used to face it before being paralyzed. A year has already passed since the misfortune happened to him; still, his requirements of donating him money for rehabilitation treatment have remained without reply as yet. Sergey found some rehabilitation centres by himself and paid for their courses on his own, until he had something to be sold. Now nothing has left. Sergey’s mother had to leave her job to take care of him; his father earns enough to make ends meet, but they cannot afford any extra spending.

Sergey turns to ask for help for the first time. The course of rehabilitation that will enable him to regain strength in his legs costs RUB 175 800. He does not posses such a sum, but he does believe that you will give him a helping hand. He believes he just was not lucky enough to meet caring people, as most of people in general were very responsive and would never leave one alone to face the trouble.

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