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Nikolin Fedor, 3 years

Date of birth: 11 January 2007.
Irkutsk, Russia.

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis, pseudomonas aeruginosa. In order to defeat the infection Fedor needs a course of treatment with the expensive antibiotic «colistin», which his parents can’t afford to buy. They need to collect 108,000 rubles (3500 USD) for a three-month course. They need your help!
21 June 2010

Little Fedor has diseases of an adult. Urolithiasis, hypotrophy, anemia, chronic pancreatic deficiency, sinusitis are not the complete list. The most serious one is pseudomonas aeruginosa in Fedor’s lungs.

Little patients diagnosed with cystic fibrosis have to grow up taking medications constantly. This illness also opens the way for other concomitant diseases. Doctors usually can cope with these extra diseases by prescribing correct medication, but pseudomonas aeruginosa is a lot more difficult to handle. Not every antibiotic will work, and those that do are usually very expensive. A child can get this infection again, even after complete recovery.

You already helped collect the money for colistin in 2008. The infection was defeated right away and it didn’t come back for a long time. Fedor spent 6 months at home, he visited his friends and played with them. But now the infection is back. Fedor and his family were once again left out of the normal life. He is back to the hospital, getting his shots and bitter medicine, living with suffocating cough all over again.

The doctors recommend to use colistin once more. It is very expensive. One course of treatment will cost 108,000 rubles (3500 USD). Fedor’s dad is the only one who has a job in the family, mom has to be with Fedor all the time. Fedor also has two siblings. Most of the dad’s income is spent on other medications that his son needs. We ask you to help Fedor to defeat the infection again!

30 August 2008

You provided all the money for Fedor’s colistin. Thanks to all of you kids with cystic fibrosis get vital medication on time!

17 June 2008

Fedor’s mom says:

I call my son Feden’ka. He is a sunny boy, he smiles all the time and everyone around is charmed by his shine. He learned to hardily stand the pain that he has to live with. My son is 17 months old, we spent almost all that time in hospitals. Fedor had 4 surgeries, two of those were very complex. He was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when he was only two months old. We are trying to cope with that by eating special foods and going to the doctor regularly. But after pseudomonas aeruginosa showed up, we can’t handle it on our own. Fedor needs to take an expensive medicine colistin that we cannot buy. I stay at home with Fedor, my husband is the only one who works. Fedor is not our only son, we have more children.

I really want to believe that our little Sunshine will defeat the infection with the help of kind people and that he will keep giving his sunny smile to the world.

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