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Novickov Vlad, 4 years old

Date of birth: 7 October 2011.
Moscow Oblast, Iksha village.

Diagnosis: Epilepsy, Drave syndrome. There is only once medicine that can rescue the boy from severe attacks; it is called ‘Diacomit’. The drug has not been registered in this country; so the family has to buy it abroad at once for the whole year. The cost is enormously high. For two years the parents were doing their best to solve the problem by themselves; no more resources have left, and now they need your help. We beg you to help in collecting RUB 696 168. This sum is the price of another year without the attacks.
11 January 2016

For a long time the Novickov family has been living in constant fear and in complete silence. Doors have never slammed in their house; a TV set has always been switched off; a vacuum cleaner and other noisy appliances have not been used; the windows and the curtains have never been opened to avoid sunlight and too much sound coming from the street. They did not even laugh. And a laugh was out of place: the younger son Vlad suffers from epilepsy; any irritant may trigger another attack causing fallings, traumas, tears and pain. It seemed that nothing would help, and they would spend their life behind the shut door always expecting the worst, using extreme measures.

Things have changed owning to only one medicine. It was selected for the boy after a form of the illness was specified with the help of a genetic test. ‘Diacomit’ is used effectively especially in the case when a patient suffers from Drave syndrome (the one that Vlad has). The drug has changed the boy’s life drastically. Vlad could never even think of walking, communicating with other children, of laughing and crying; he could not imagine that the world is far larger than his room, and there are things like books, cartoons and cold ice-cream. As for the attacks, they are bearable, when you have them only two times during two years of a true childhood.

But the miracle (this world is common for any other child, but for Vlad it is really a miracle) might come to an end every moment, so it might not have a happy ending. ‘Diacomit’ has not been registered in this country; each time buying the necessary amount of the drug is a long chain of decisions and actions. Who should they trust to buy medicine; who could go abroad to buy it? And the most important question is how to get money for the drug. Taking into account an application time and difficulties in delivering the drug, the most rational decision is to buy it for a one-year period. Today the family needs EUR 7 908 or RUB 696 168 to let Vlad spend another year without the attacks.

The family does not posses such a large sum. They have already spent all their savings, and have no opportunity to set aside some money. They spend their income on payments for treatment and other medicines for Vlad, which he has to take apart from ‘Diacomit’. Vlad’s elder sister finishes school this year; she studies hard to enter a university and study without fee in order not to burden her parents with more expenses. But she also needs financial support to prepare for her exams.

They could stop fighting, of course; they could shut the curtains again and commence waiting for better days. But nobody (and especially Vlad) will benefit from it; pain and loneliness will come back to the boy. They should rely on other people and ask them for help. We are sure, the help will arrive. We beg you to give assistance in buying medicine for the boy. Please, give him another year of a common life, which is like a miracle for him. It really deserves effort!

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