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Nurahunov Avim, 9 years

Date of birth: 30 October 1999.
Zheleznovodsk, Region of Stavropol, Russia.

The diagnosis: chronic renal insufficiency. In September 2009 Avim had the renal transplantation. You helped to raise money for medicines ATG-Fresenius and Campath. They were necessary for the success of transplantation, but too expensive for single mother. Thank you!
28 August 2009

With your help we have managed to pay for all Avim’s medicines — both Campas and ATG. Cost of medicines with the discount given to fund was 405 630 roubles. In the beginning of September Avim had his operation which was a success. The boy is feeling well now.

10 August 2009

The renal transplantation will save Avim. Operation is scheduled for September, Avim’s mother will be the donor. Medicines ATG-Fresenius and Campath are necessary for the success of transplantation. Their cost is 485,100 roubles (15,650 US dollars or 11,282 euro). Avim’s mother cannot collect such sum of money on her own. Please, help!

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