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Okorochkova Anna, 12 years old

Date of birth: 28 May 1999.
Tovarkovskii town, Tulskaya oblast.

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis. Last examination has shown that Anna’s lungs have infection. It is very dangerous, however treatable. She needs Colistin, one course costs 191,160 rubles (6,500 dollars). The family need your help, they can never collect that much money.
29 August 2011

Anna’s mom says they have two homes — the one they live in and the hospital. Anna spent a third of her life in the City Children’s Hopsital #1. She is used to the pills, to the sad walls of the hospital ward, to IVs and catheters. A person gets used to all this when that person has been sick since she was born. When she has to skip a quiz at school because of strong cough, it’s a normal event for Anna. An extraordinary event is when examinations at the hospital show no infection in the lungs. That means Anna will stay in the hospital for a little while, get treated with the regular antibiotics, draw some more pictures and go home, until the next hospitalization. However this doesn’t happen very often.

Unfortunately most often scenario is when doctors find pseudomonas aeruginosa in Anna’s lungs, the infection that destroys them. This means trying new medicine, fight Anna’s allergies for that medicine, in the end doctors will prescribe the expensive Colistin that doesn’t cause allergies and is the only medicine that can actually help. This means Anna’s mom will again do everything possible and impossible to find the money for Colistin, because they never have enough.

This time is one of those unfortunate ones. Anna’s mom is looking for money for Colistin. She needs to come up with 191,160 rubles (6,500 dollars). She doesn’t cry now, because she doesn’t let herself be desperate, she just doesn’t have time for that. She’ll cry later when her daughter gets the medicine, because she will be happy that Anna is saved again. The girl is just waiting right now, she is waiting for help and doesn’t even feel like drawing pictures. She feels like breathing freely, but she can’t do it right now, infection won’t let her. Please, help!

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