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Nastya O., 11 years old

Date of birth: 11 September 2006.

Diagnosis : Cystic fibrosis. For a long time the disease remained undiagnosed. When finally the diagnosis was established, it occurred that it was not easy to provide the girl with the treatment: the required medicine costs a lot, the Ministry of Health gives hardly any support, the parent have no money to pay for the treatment by themselves. Currently the girl’s state of health is appalling. We beg you to help in paying for the drug ‘Bramitob’ at a cost of RUB 255 000.
25 September 2017

From year to year Nastya’s New Year wish remains the same: ‘I wish it all stopped, for I’m so tired! I wish all the diseases was battled!’ It is easy to understand, as the girl’s life looks more like as a description in a medical history sheet. She was taken to an intensive care unit because of plumonitis when she was two months old, then again — at the age of eighteen months. Ater that she had bronchitis at two years old. At the age of three the girl was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and had to adapt to living with it. At the age of five a glimmer of hope seemed to be rising, if only it is a proper word to describe the situation. She was diagnosed with a heart defect, and doctors predicted that if the defect had been cured, Nastya’s state of health would improve. But the operation failed to meet these optimistic expectations. Later, the girl was screened for cancer, and than problems with her liver appeared. It triggered another series of analyses, injections, antibiotics; still, nothing could help.

For a long time a correct diagnosis had not been established. Only two yers ago, aged eight years old already, the girl was sent to the largest hospital in the province. It took little time for an experienced doctor to diagnose cystic fibrosis. It appeared that all the rest diseases resulted from incorrect treatment and were caused by the absence of required medicine in the organism.

It was by no means a piece of good news for the family to detect such a disease — the hereditary and incurable one. When it was diagnosed, Nastya’s mother was pregnant. Later they would learn the newborn baby also suffered from the same disease, but this time it would be diagnosed at once. Thus, adequate treatment administered in proper time would prevent numerous negative consequences, which arouse in case with Nastya. The only consolation to be left to the family was that the girld had already adapted to living with diabetes, so it would be the case with cystic fibrosis — she should just be provided with supporting theraphy in proper time. It turned out to be, however, that things are different with this disease; the girl was provided with drugs for diabetes, but she would not be with those for cystic fibrosis, for their price was too high. So, things remained pretty much the same: series of infections and diseases, depression and despair, painful and ineffective coughing. Earlier the girl had not been gived proper treatment owing to unawareness, now she was not owing to the lack of money.

A temporary relief was given to the girl only last year, due to your help in paying for a course of treatment. Meanwhile, her parents proceeded to require the Ministery of Health to provide their daughter with thedrug; only this time they had some time and they hoped to get the supply by the beginning of another course of treatment. At present a year has passed, and nothing has been achieved. No more time to wait is left, for the state of Nasrya’s health is getting increasing worse from day to day. The family cannot afford to by the medicine on their own — three packs of ‘Bramitob’ cost RUB 255 000.

In only three months New Years is coming. We can make the girl’s dreams come true — ‘all the diseases will surrender’! If it happens so, Nastya will probably make some other wish — to have as a gift a doll, or a book, or a dress, or something of the kind eleven-year-old girls usually wish; those who do not have to fight each time to take a breath, because somebody does not really care and does nothing to help. We beg you to help in buying the medicine for Nastya!

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