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Panko Diana, 17 years old

Date of birth: 6 October 1999.
Sverdlovsk Oblast, Krasnouralsk.

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy (CP). Diana is about to undergo an operation — her muscles under knee joints will be elongated, so that the girl could unbend her legs, and learn to stand and to walk. But the operation will be of no use unless followed by a course of rehabilitation. Diana’s family does not possess enough money — RUB 98 780 — to pay for the course. They need your help!
13 February 2017

Diana is a premature infant, she was born at six months. First few days of her life the girl needed a medical ventilator; when she was twelve months old, CP was diagnosed. Now Diana is 17, and during all these years together with her parents she has been striving for reducing the amount of restrictions imposed by the illness, to pick up new skills and do small steps forward despite the illness. Operations, intensive therapy courses, therapeutic medical training, massage — these are not empty words for Diana; all these activities are part of her personal life experience, an indispensible part of her life.

Diana has achieved brilliant results, taking in account her state of health. She walks with the aid of a cane or somebody’s hand, can take care of herself, goes to school; she is at 10th form and she is on the par with her classmates as far as studying is concerned. The only thing is she studies at home, being unable to walk confidently enough. Apart from the school Diana has lots from hobbies: swimming, riding a horse, cycling, playing the piano; in her free time she is singing and staging sketches with her friends; her dream is to learn to dance waltz. Those who have ever come across CP do understand how difficult it is for such people to get new skills and what a great amount of work they have to do to learn new things. That is why the full and active life Diana is leading is an enormous achievement, the result of arduous and tedious work of Diana herself, her parents and doctors.

Today Diana’s primary goal to work towards is to start walking without any help and aids. To achieve it she is undergoing the operation in March; her muscles under knee joints will be elongated, so that the girl could unbend her legs, and step on whole feet. The operation is very serious, but the period proceeding it is far more difficult. Two months after the operation her legs will be in plaster; then the girl will face the hardest task: to teach the elongated, almost new muscles to work and to rehabilitate the legs after a long period without functioning.

The girl will not cope with it without the help of specialists. The operation will be performed only if the doctors are sure that a course of rehabilitation is following it. Yet there is no opportunity that the girl will take the course, as the family cannot afford it. Diana’s father was made redundant when the company he had been working for closed. Thus, the family has to make ends meet on her mother’s income; she is an accountant, and in their small town salaries are usually very modest. The family budget is not large enough to afford Diana’s treatment.

You have already helped the girl; to a great extent her achievements were made due to your assistance. Now Diana hopes that after the forthcoming operation she will be able to walk without any aid, just like everyone does. But these results will not be achieved without your support. The course of rehabilitation costs RUB 98 780. We again turn to you to beg for help!

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