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Parfyenov Vlad, 7 months old

Date of birth: 6 November 2009.

Diagnosis: congenital heart disorder. Vlad has already been operated as a first step to fixing his condition, and now he needs another surgery. This second step is very complicated, Vlad needs to go to Berlin Cardiology Center. German fund has paid half the expenses. We ask you to help with the rest of the money: 16,000 euros (19,814 US dollars).
22 June 2010

With this very complicated disease Vlad’s first year of life was also very complicated. He had his first nonradical surgery in the Research Center of Cardiovascular Surgery n.a. Bakulev. Instead of a planned 4-hour surgery that would fix all the heart problems at once, the doctors operated Vlad for 12 hours and were only able to apply anastomosis and do the angioplasty. That meant two more surgeries for the little boy. Postoperative period was very hard. Vlad had to move from one hospital to the other while his dad consulted the best heart surgeons in Russia and Germany. At first two clinics agreed to perform the definitive repair: Children’s City Hospital № 1 in Saint-Petersburg and Berlin Cardiology Center. Unfortunately plans had to change again, when the leading heart surgeon Dr. Lyubomudrov has quit his job in Children’s City Hospital. He was the only one who could fix Vlad’s heart in Russia. No other doctor could guarantee saving Vlad’s life. Now the boy is feeling worse. He stopped gaining weight and his body does not get enough oxygen. The only possible solution is a surgery in the Berlin Cardiology Center, which costs 31,000 euros (19,814 US dollars). It is an unbelievable amount of money for an average Russian family.

We see these stories more and more often nowadays. Every time we answer the question of «What to do?» the same way. However much it is, we have to save a child’s life! The German fund is helping Russian kids, and this time they provided 15,000 euros for Vlad. We only need 16,000 euros more. We ask you to help save Vlad’s life and give him a chance to become a healthy child!

Comments from the surgeon of the Berlin Cardiology Center, Dr. Ovrutskii Stanislav Borisovich:

The defect is extremely complicated. The doctors in Moscow conducted a very complex nonradical surgery on one heart ventricle. We are hoping to conduct biventricular anatomical correction. It implies a sophisticated surgery, for which we need a special examination in our clinic. Vlad has cyanosis and he needs the surgery as soon as possible.

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