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Paskhalidi Eduard, 18 months old

Date of birth: 21 June 2015.
Stavropol Krai, Yessentuki.

Diagnosis: Congenital Anomalies of the Kidney and the Urinary Tract (CAKUT). Two weeks later little Eduard will be checked out of hospital; for a whole year the doctors in Moscow have been trying to achieve the boy’s stable state, and, finally, they have managed to do so. But his only kidney functions very poorly; the boy needs dialysis. We beg you to help the boy’s parents to purchase the apparatus and raw material to get the boy treatment at home. They should constantly have free access to the apparatus — this is of vital importance! It costs RUB 1 226 607.
2 December 2016

Eduard was born with two serious defects — those of the kidneys and of the genitourinary system. Instead of two kidneys he has one large and deformed organ. However, a large size does not mean that the organ functions well. 15% of normal volume is the amount of work that it performs. In prospect, the boy will undergo transplantation. But now it is too early even to think about the operation, as the boy is not strong enough to undergo it.

The whole recent year Eduard spent in hospital. The doctors almost ’caught’ the periods when the state of the boy’s health started to deteriorate, and tried to do something to make it more stable. But as soon as they coped with one problem, the new one occurred, and everything was to be repeated — urgent examining, arranging consultations between doctors, treating the little patient. Only short time ago the boy’s state became more stable, so that he was even to be checked out of hospital. But the price was too high. Nowadays every child should get peritoneal dialysis in order to prevent the kidney (that performs only 15% of the normal amount of work) from stopping to function completely. This is his only chance to stay alive till the moment when transplantation may be performed.

Eduard will be checked out in two weeks. It is presupposed that dialysis apparatus should be available either at hospital or at home. It would be better to have it at home: it is of vital importance for the boy to have easy access to the device at any time. But the family needs RUB 1 226 607 to buy the apparatus and raw material for its functioning. They do not possess such a sum. Eduard’s mother is a teacher, now she is on maternity leave; his father is a driver. And recent year they have already had several debts and borrowed lots of money from bank to treat their son. They would be ready to have more debts, just hoping for the best, but there are no more places to borrow from. We beg for your assistance to help the parents save their child, to let the boy remain alive till the transplantation. Obviously, 15% of total amount of work is not that insignificant; but this figure is not allowed to decrease.

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