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Perezhigina Polina, 9 years old

Date of birth: 5 January 2007.

Diagnosis: Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHMD, FSHD or FSH) — originally named Landouzy-Dejerine; Cystic fibrosis; Congenital heart defect (has been operated). The girl’s lungs are stuffed with phlegm. It is difficult for her to breathe. Because of the illnesses she is losing strength every day. Lungs lavage would relieve her suffering. But the course of treatment should be given to the girl in one of German hospitals. It will cost EUR 10 000. The family needs your help!
29 February 2016

Congenital heart defect, Muscular dystrophy, Cystic fibrosis — any of these illnesses do change a life of a child and a whole family. Little Polina suffers from all these illnesses... Congenital heart defect has been cured when she was one year old; the operation was conducted successfully. A couple of years ago you have helped to solve the second problem — Polina had a checkup in a German hospital. The doctors have specified what type of dystrophy she has. Moreover, they have taught her how to adjust to living with this illness. As for the third problem, various methods of treatment are required: medicine, inhalations, special physical exercises to move away phlegm from the lungs. But the last two illnesses are still incurable. Like the two enemies who attack on both sides, they do not give the girl any opportunity to try and fight against them.

The state of her lungs is especially appalling. Cystic fibrosis causes the accumulation of phlegm; the girl cannot hawk it properly because of muscular dystrophy. Special physical exercises and medicine cannot solve the problem once and for all. The phlegm that stays inside the body triggers reproduction of infections; as a result, the state of the girl’s health is getting increasingly worse. Today it is very difficult for her to breathe. She cannot remember when she took a deep breath and filled the lungs with air for the last time. Lack of oxygen causes the deprivation of nutrition, so her weak muscles are becoming even less strong, and the girl is not able to do special training. But she has to do these exercises, as they support her body.

Now it is only lungs lavage that may help. This kind of treatment is not provided in this country. It is fairly problematic to give it, and not always the patients (even adults) undergo it successfully. Polina is a child suffering from serious illnesses; anaesthesia may be dangerous for her. But the German doctors have brought the family hope — they are ready to provide Polina with the recommended treatment. The risks will be diminished owing to special medicine and a softer anaesthesia drug. They are sure about the beneficial results — they can help the girl without doing any harm. The only problem here is a high cost — EUR 10 000.

Both of Polina’s parents have a job, but the whole income is spent on medicine and payments for the treatment. It is possible, of course, to follow the same way and apply old methods. But will it be enough? When will it happen so, that the little girl is not able to take another breath? We beg you to prevent this situation. We beg you to assist in collecting the required sum.

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