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Ilya P., 15 years old

Date of birth: 12 March 2002.
Amur Oblast, Belogorsk.

Diagnosis: Cystic fibrosis, pseudomonas infection. To kill the infection in the lungs, Ilya needs to be given a course of treatment with the medicine ‘Colistin’. Otherwise, the disease will proceed in destructing the tissue of internal organs and thus trigger complications. The problem is the family does not possess RUB 255 200 to pay for the drug. They need your help urgently!
6 July 2017

Ilya’s parents were always striving to help their son believe he is not different, to persuade him not to consider himself sick, to prompt him to live a normal life just like his agemates. They preferred not to choose home schooling. They were happy to find out that their son was eager to learn playing the guitar — such a quiet and peaceful hobby, not requiring extra physical effort. Finally, they had to put up with attending competitive ballroom dancing. Their greatest anxiety was about giving the boy drugs at the proper time; they also made sure the boy took care of his lungs, ate right and did not overextend himself. With this king of disease one can lead normal life without being hampered, but to minor mishap it spreads rapidly, afflicts the child, tortures by coughing and shortens the kid’s life.

No one knows, when and why they overlooked the problem. Anyway, not more than a year ago the analysis revealed pseudomonas infection. This disease is terribly dangerous for those suffering from Cystic fibrosis; unless being treated, it will kill the child in few years. As for the treatment, it costs quite a sum, as the disease does not respond common antibiotics. Using a special drug ‘Colistin’ is required, which costs over RUB 100 000 per a package. Even the most anxious and solicitous parents in the world would never cope with the trouble, once the question is such a large sum of money. Ilya is going to take the second course of treatment; for sure, it will require more than one drug package.

The family is getting through hard times. Ilya’s disease can no longer be controlled due to a shortage of money; this problem dampens the family’s spirit and breaks their minds and bodies. The father has lost his job, so now the family has no money even to make ends meet. Yet the gravest problem is the boy’s state of health — another day without the treatment shortens his life and deprives the kid of a full and happy childhood. We beg you to cease it! To pay for the drugs to be required in the nearest future the family needs RUB 255 200. They do need your help!

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