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Plemedyaleh Felicia, 14 years old

Date of birth: 23 May 1996.
Kishinev, Moldova.

Diagnosis: scoliosis. This young girl has a serious lateral curvature. It needs to be fixed now, before it affects her internal organs. It will be a lot more expensive and a lot less effective to fix the problems later. The surgery costs 242,312 rubles (6,251 USD). Your help is needed!
12 July 2010

Wrong diagnosis and medical mistakes are to blame again. Felicia was born with some problems. If only the doctors started the right treatment on time, she wouldn’t have to go through any of this now. She’d be finishing her school like other kids her age.

Felicia was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when she was 12 months old. Soon after that the doctors found atelectasis (collapse of the lung), polycystic lung disease and some other problems. No treatment was effective and the doctors told Felicia’s mom that her daughter won’t live very long. They offered drastic measures, such as removing one lung completely, because it is not working and only gets in the way. When the doctors refused to treat pseudomonas aeruginosa (lung infection) it became a final straw. Felicia was 8 years old back then. Her mom decided to seek help outside of Moldova. Specialists from Research Institute n.a. Burdenko have prescribed good antibiotics and the infection was defeated. The examinations in the Oncology Center did not find the tumors the girl was diagnosed with earlier, they only showed the damage caused by previous treatment. Cystic fibrosis and polycystic lung disease were not there either. The girl was simply treated for the wrong diseases.

On the one hand, it is great that Felicia’s problems can be fixed and there is a chance for a normal life. On the other hand, one can’t help feeling bitter that things could be so much different. Now Felicia has short-breathing, bad allergies, poor eyesight and lateral curvature of her spine because of weak muscles. All of this could be avoided if the doctors saw the right problems in the very beginning.

Mom and daughter now have to fix the doctors’ mistakes on their own. Felicia already had the first surgery to recover eyesight, it was scleroplasty. She needs two more surgeries to replace her crystalline lenses and one for spinal cord implantation. It’s the last one that worries Felicia and her mother the most. The deformation is very serious, the girl needs the surgery as soon as possible, but she is a foreign citizen in Russia, so all the medical procedures are not free for her. The bill from the hospital says 242,312 rubles (6,251 USD). Felicia’s mom does not have that kind of money. It is extremely hard to watch this girl suffer from someone else’s mistakes. We ask you to help her.

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