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Pleshkova Ksenia, 6 years old

Date of birth: 7 October 2011.

Diagnosis: Cystic fibrosis, pseudomonas infection. Ksenia has difficulty in breathing, as her lungs are stuffed with mucus and are damaged by infections. We beg you to take part in collecting money to buy for the girl the medicine ’Bramitob’ at a cost of RUB 161 700. This drug will clear out the girl’s lungs. Ksenia’s mother is a single parent; she will not manage to raise the sum and save her child without your help.
8 December 2017

Parents sometimes face a challenging task to persuade their children that they simply must wear a sock cap, that they should be careful when they communicate with their friends, go out for a walk and so on, that, generally speaking, they should be on the alert every minute. The reason for such a cautiousness is a tricky disease, which cannot be cured, but is easily provoked by a common draught or an infection. These constrains seem to be difficult to follow until the disease has been triggered; since this moment it is the disease that imposes its own restrictions, and it goes without saying that one is to play by these rules. It has been long since Ksenia would have contacts with the outside world: she is not allowed to attend a kindergarten; she can communicate with her friends only calling them on the phone; as for the girl herself, she has no wish to go outside. Ksenia does not want to play with friends, to go somewhere or to have fun — pains in the chest and difficulty in breathing prevents the girl from any activity.

Such a state is caused by a large amount of viscous mucus that is accumulated in the lungs; Ksenia is not strong enough to hawk it out. Meanwhile, a large amount of mucus has become a perfect environment for microbes and viruses to develop and reproduce. Pseudomonas infection is the most dangerous bacillus for the people with cystic fybrosis. Speaking about Ksenia, it has already damaged her lungs and now is further destroying the tissues of the organism, in such a way deteriorating the girl’s state of health. The drugs are to be taken that will diffluence mucus and defeat the infection, but they are not affordable for the family. Ksenia’s mother is a single parent, she has no money to spend on drugs and dietic therapy, which will cost about a million roubles a year. At that, in the region where Ksenia lives, only one type of medicine (the one of a fairly cheap kind) out of a dozen of drugs that are required is provided by the government. This is the main reason why Ksenia's disease develops so quickly and prevents the girl from living a normal life.

Today, despite her appearance, Ksenia is a cheerful and easy-going girl. But her life is not a piece of cake — she understands that in the nearest future the absence of the drug may become a real threat to her life, given the way that today it causes difficulty in breathing. We beg you to help in buying three packs of the antibiotic ’Bramirob’ for the girl. Currently it is this medicine that she needs more than others. The cost of the medicine is RUB 161 700.

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