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Pogorelov Dima, 7 years old

Date of birth: 19 October 2004.
Korenovsk, Krasnodar Region.

Diagnosis: Cystic fibrosis, Pseudomonas infection. This infection is destroying the boy’s lungs, and Dima needs treatment with expensive antibiotics that may help stop the progression of the disease. These antibiotics are not subsidized, and so the cost of purchasing these drugs falls entirely on the parents’ shoulders. Dima needs 3 packs of Brimotoma now, which costs 265,000 rubles (approx. 8,833 USD). His family does not have that kind of money.
13 March 2012

Three years ago, you helped Dima cope with a Pseudomonas infection, but he has relapsed. Dima needs a course of antibiotic treatment with Bramitob. The total treatment cost is 265,000 rubles.

An extract from his mother’s letter:

It’s Dima’s mom writing to you again. Thank you for all your help in fighting Dima’s Pseudomonas infection. Unfortunately, we again have to ask for help. Our lives have undergone many changes. The lack of medicine in Volgograd, where we used to live, made us move to the Krasnodar Region. Dima hasn’t seen his father all year as he is the only breadwinner in our family and could not give up his job.

The situation has been gradually improving. There is an excellent pulmonological department in Krasnodar. The medical staff here is great. They are true professionals, attentive and understanding. The treatment process is underway. We rent an apartment while my husband makes any effort to earn money. This year, Dima started going to school! We were worried as he didn’t go to kindergarten, but Dima is doing very well − he has easily established good relationships with other children, made friends and is making progress with his studies. Also, Dima attends "Olympic Olympic taekwondo class — he has already won two medals. Besides, he plays chess and table tennis.

To a stranger, he seems like a normal boy. But we, his family and closest friends, know very well how hard it is for him to fight and win. The Pseudomonas infection has returned to his lungs, and he needs long-term treatment with tobramycin, which costs nearly 100,000 rubles (approx. 3,429 USD). We can’t afford it, even though we understand how essential this medicine is for Dima.

Dear Foundation, you have already come to our aid in the hour of need — we lived without the Pseudomonas infection for the whole year. It’s hardly possible to explain how happy we were when the doctor said that the infection had gone. This was the happiest day for our family! That’s why we are asking for help again — we can’t go through it on our own.

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