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Polyakov Pavel, 40 years old

Date of birth: 9 May 1970.
Kirov city, Russia.

DIagnosis: the aftermath of a serious trauma. 7 years ago Pavel was severely injured. He can’t find a job, he can’t support his family. He is wheelchair-bound. We ask you to help pay for a rehabilitation course that costs 102,000 rubles (3280 US dollars). He cannot afford this treatment.
1 July 2010

After a bad accident Pavel became a disabled person of group I (the most serious case). He’s been a prisoner to his wheelchair for the past 7 years. Recovery is possible, but only with constant exercise at home and special rehabilitation in medical centers. Pavel knows that he can walk again. He does his home exercise every single day, he made his exercising equipment by himself. But Pavel had the most noticeable results only in the Rehabilitation Center «Ortos». He hasn’t been able to go there for the past two years, because the government stopped paying for the courses. No one can tell Pavel when the government will resume that program again. The strong man didn’t lose hope and wrote a letter to us:

We live in a rural area, where we own a house. Our neighbors were building their house and had a crane working. One day as I was walking by, the 12-meter-long gibbet fell on me from the crane. I got multiple fractures of my skull and spine. I had several surgeries throughout the next year. I lost my job, all our savings were gone, but I never got back on my feet.

Right now all of my family’s income is my disability pension. My wife has to take care of me, so she can’t work. We have a daughter of school age. We live in a very small town, where even the healthy people have a hard time finding a job. There is a very good rehabilitation center in our area, but the financing program for the disabled people has been cancelled two years ago. One course costs 102,000 rubles (3280 US dollars). It is an unbelievable amount of money for an unemployed disabled person. Help me, please! I want to walk again so much!

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