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Polyakova Veronika, 5 years old

Date of birth: 17 March 2007.

Diagnosis: Nephroma, stage IV. Since May Veronica has been treated in Singapore, the girl has already had a kidney removal surgery and now she is undergoing chemotherapy. Her parents don’t have 800 000 rubles to save the life of their daughter. We ask you for the urgent help!
30 August 2012

From the mother’s letter:

Veronica used to grow up as a healthy child; she visited a kindergarten and a music school. Next day after she turned 5 years old I detected a bump on her stomach. The awful diagnosis «Nephroma of the fourth grade with metastasis» was absolutely out of the blue. Since that horror and pain have started to be our shadow. It’s impossible to explain, what parents feel at such moments — our daughter was dying!

We started a treatment in the regional Cancer Center but it didn’t help, Veronica lost a lot of weight and became really weak. Our doctor gave us an advice to send documents for the consultation to the Singapore clinic, and the doctors of this clinic gave us the hope. But the problem was the lack of money.

Thanks to the help of kind and understanding people, on the 30th of May this year Veronica had the kidney, veins and lymph nodes removal surgery in the Singapore Center for Pediatric Hematology and cancer. The surgery went according to plan and after that started a long-term treatment (chemo-and radiotherapy). The cost of the treatment was 3,4 million rubles. Thanks to donations of kind-hearted people the amount was reduced to 800000 rubles. But this amount is also to huge for us but we need to pay for the treatment immediately, we can’t delay the treatment.

Now we are desperate and confused. We don’t have money to pay for the treatment, but if we return home, our daughter would die. Fear and horror don’t leave us. We beg you to help us. Please, don’t leave us alone with disaster! Help us to save Veronica!

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