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Pozigunov Cyril, 3 years old

Date of birth: 2 October 2012.
Rostov Oblast, Taganrog.

Diagnosis: Central nervous system lesion, Hip dislocations. Cyril has undergone a number of operations, which will allow him to learn how to stand and walk. Now he needs a course of rehabilitation; but his family with five kids has no money to pay for the rehabilitation course or to buy domestic assistive technology. We beg you to help the family to gain for Cyril the recommended support walker at a cost of RUB 173 523.
20 October 2015

Cyril’s parents often recall the day and a sorrowful face of the doctor who told them about the future of their newborn son: he would not be able to walk, to talk, to react to the outside world; he would be ineducable; he would never become a normal person. These words seem to be very strange today, as you are looking at a nice and plump little boy, who is active and smiling. He is playing with his elder brothers and is always in the centre of everybody’s attention at the children’s playground; it is unexpected and wonderful. The parents were perfectly right that they did not believe the gloomy forecasts and did not give up.

In the Pozigunov family there are five children. Two of them have already grown up and now they are students. The other three kids are babies. Cyril is the youngest of them. There is a plenty of babysitters for him: all of the elder children play with the boy, teach him or help him to do physical exercises. No wonder that despite all he predictions there is such a remarkable progress in overcoming the consequences of the disease. There are a lot of factors at home which help him grow up and develop. Sill, it is special equipment he needs badly. It will approach the day when Cyril stands firmly on his feet and takes his first steps. Yet, this difficult task is too complicated for him.

The latest medical research has shown that Cyril has every opportunity to cope with this task. The boy has lately undergone several operations on the legs; they have approached the achievement of the goal. Now Cyril is able to stand on his own feet after ankle deformity correction and putting a plaster cast for several times. The next step is to stand him upright in order that he may test his possibilities and rely on the support.

Unfortunately, the ability to stand and to walk can not be developed at once. The boy has to keep practicing daily. And an amount on time he spends standing should be prolonged day to day. For that purpose the doctors recommend that a support walker should be gained. But his parents can not afford it: five children, a rented flat, absence of a permanent job and no fixed income. These are inappropriate conditions for collecting the necessary sum of RUB 173 523. The family will not manage to cope with this problem without your help. We beg you for your assistance and support.

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