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Proshkin Pavel, 21 years old

Date of birth: 10 November 1989.
Saratov city.

Diagnosis: spinal injury. Doctors say that Pasha is really able to recover after the injury. But he needs to work hard, be patient and to have a certain amount of money as well. He needs a physical rehabilitation under control of specialists. One course costs 132 thousand rubles. We ask you to help Pasha to pay for it.
23 October 2012

During the six years after the accident Pasha has learned to live a full life even though he can’t walk. He tries to work to help his mother. He communicates with other disabled people, gives advice to those who appeared to be in the same situation, helps to get through it and shows with his own example that life goes on and everyone is able to make it better.

Pasha tries to be optimistic and to be always in a good mood. Some people may think that he has already accepted his condition, but it’s not true. Pasha still has a hope and even confidence that he will walk. Even this confidence makes him smile every morning and gives him strength to help not even himself but also other people.

It’s high time for the next rehabilitation course in the «Ortos» centre. The only problem that Pasha can’t solve himself is the lack of money for the qualified treatment. His mother can’t help because her salary is enough only for everyday expenses. Pasha’s pension is so small that he would save for years to get enough money for the course. During this time the effect of previous treatment will disappear and the course won’t help him to regenerate. We ask for your help to break the cycle. The treatment in the rehabilitation centre «Ortos» costs 132 thousand rubles. Help us to pay for it!

18 February 2011

August of 2006 was very hot. As usual, one afternoon Pasha and his friends went to swim in Volga river. Pasha dove in, and he can’t remember anything after that. Some guy saw him, almost drowned, and dragged out of the water. Doctors took him to the ICU, and then told his parents that he would probably not be able to walk ever again.

After coming out of the hospital Pasha’s life changed completely. It became a lot more complicated and expensive. The family tried everything to make him walk again. They tried medication, stem cells, needle therapy, alternative medicine. Now they know that the only chance is to do long-term rehabilitation with an experienced instructor in order to strengthen leg and arm muscles.

During those 4 years after the accident Pasha graduated from high school, learned how to fix phones so that he could help his mom a little bit. He is preparing to enter a law school. He is sure that he’ll be able to attend classes after he learns how to walk again. In the meantime he tries to use his free time for self-education.

The specialists in rehabilitation center Ortos in Novosibirskaya oblast are optimistic about Pasha’s future. They have been successful in getting people on their feet after spinal trauma. This spring Pasha is expected there for the first course of treatment that costs 84,000 rubles. His mother has raised him and his sister by herself, she works, but doesn’t have enough money for that course. We are asking you to help Pavel.

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