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Prossina Sophia, 2 years old

Date of birth: 24 September 2011.
Nizhniy Novgorod.

Diagnosis: infantile cerebral palsy. Sophia already can do several independent steps and, fortunately, is making big success in coping with her disease. Please help us to pay for a rehabilitation course that costs EUR 1830. The parents are doing their best, but that can not cover the ever growing treatment cost. The time passes by. Your help is really needed.
14 March 2014

Sophia is one of the twins. She has a sister, Varya, who already can walk and starts torturing her parents with why — questions. Sophia can not walk and the longest word she is able to say is «mom». It’s all because the same delivery happened for the two girls differently. Varya was born the first and immediately got into her mother’s arms. Sonya was born later and the first things she saw in her life were tubes in the intensive care ward.

It really hurts not to be like everybody else and even not like those people who love you and stay with you all the time. But Sophia still does not understand why everything happens the way it does: why Varya walks in the street holding her mother by the hand and Sophia is in a stroller, why her sister can easily eat porridge with a spoon but her spoon constantly slips out of her hands, why Varya has bears and dolls, but Sonya’s games remind a doctor’s examination or a physical training class.

While the girls are little, these differences are not so vivid. But the future depends on a lot of factors. The good thing is that the delay in Sophia’s development is gradually reducing. In the street Sophia can make several steps independently and only then she sits down into a stroller, her hands are more responsive and her sister’s name, that is so difficult for pronunciation, is about to fly off her lips. But it’s still too far from a complete recovery, and this road is hard and expensive. Sophia will have to play non-childish «games» and go to different cities with her mother looking for the proper treatment for a long time. And her family will have to deprive itself from many things in order to pay for this treatment. Because it is very important not lose time and to do one’s best when there is a positive dynamics in rehabilitation. It will help Sophia not to differ from other people in the future. And it is possible if they have enough strength and money.

No matter how thrifty the family tries to be, they can not cover all cost for the baby’s treatment. Her father’s salary is about RUR 20000 per month, her mother can not go to work, because she is taking care of the babies. But Sophia is already on the waiting list for a course at Professor Shamarin’s rehabilitation center in Kaluga. This course costs RUR 90000. It’s 4.5 times higher than the father’s salary. The family cannot pay for the baby’s treatment without your help. Please help Sophia!

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