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Protsenko Nikolai, 1 year 10 months

Date of birth: 9 November 2007.
Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

The diagnosis: Ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency (genetic metabolic disorder). Kolia is the only child in Russia who suffers from such a disease. He needs an urgent liver transplantation, but it is impossible to do it in Russia because of complexity of his disease. It is possible to do a transplantation in Belgium, but its cost is very high — 70,000 euros. It is a big sum of money, but the child does not have another chance. Kolia’s health is getting worse, you can’t postpone the operation. Help is needed urgently!
19 September 2009

In 2007 you helped to pay hospital admission and the first stage of treatment in Belgian hospital Saint-Luke. Kolia’s case was the only one registered in Russia, it was unique and he was left to die, but the doctors in Belgium promised to give a chance to live to the child. One year and a half passed since little Kolia had been brought to the Belgian hospital. Due to a specially selected diet, medicines and constant medical control Kolia looks the same as healthy children. He made his first steps and said the word “mum” in the hospital, there were many pleasant discoveries in his life which couldn’t have been possible without your help.

But protein-free diet, where every gram had been counted, and a long list of medicines were only a temporary salvation. Kolia needs a liver transplant and it needs to be done in the same Saint Luc hospital as there are no doctors in Russia who have experience in performing liver transplant to patients with such a diagnosis, and the risk of rejection and complications following operation is very high.

The parents of the boy are to resolve one more problem — they need to raise 70,000 euros to pay for the operation. Every day of such a short life as Kolia’s was paid by people who are not indifferent: they gave money for living in the hospital’s hotel, for analyses, for food, for hospitalization, for medicines. The family wouldn’t be able to struggle for the son’s life alone, without such a help. We ask you again be merciful and to help. Kolia and his mother will be able to return home after the operation. Yes, the child will need to take medicines all his life, to have annual check-ups, but he will be able to get all the necessary treatment in Russia. He will be able to return home!

December 2007, before the treatment in Belgian hospital

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