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Rachmonova Kumush, 4 years old

Date of birth: 25 March 2011.
the Republic of Tajikistan, Khanibadan city.

Diagnosis: Congenital heart disease. The Rachmonov family is not well-off. They are two small children and their parents who do not have a permanent job and have to carry out any part-time job they can find. But they would cope with it, if their small daughter were healthy. Now they need RUB 290 400 to pay for the operation on her heart. They do not possess such a sum. The family needs your help!
2 February 2016

«Please, help me to save my child!» — the girl’s mother writes in her letter. Her daughter is only four years old, but her life is getting shorter every day. The thing is in the Republic of Tajikistan the operation the girl needs cannot be performed. Hardly any surgeon there is experienced enough for that. Moreover, there is no up-to-date equipment in hospitals. The only thing the doctors there could do is to recommend that Kumush should be operated in Russia.

«Please, help us to save my granddaughter!» — her grandmother adds at the end of the letter. No one else will understand small Kumush as well as her grandmother, as they both have heart problems. But the elderly woman thinks that it is her age and difficult life which cause the illness. And she cannot realise why a small girl has to suffer. The girl should play, run around a playground and be excited with the pretty dresses, which her grandmother has knitted for her. But Kumush gasps for breath and gets blue after she has played. And any excitement may be very dangerous for her — her pulse quickens up to a critical point.

The girl’s father is doing his best to earn money for the operation. He realises that they need it to afford the only remedy — the operation. But his income is scarcely enough to get by. He will have to work for many years to raise the necessary sum. But it will not do, because the heart of his older daughter will not be able to function so long.

Kumush is awaited in Bakulev Scientific Center for Cardiovascular Surgery in Moscow. The defect is serious and even for the Russian doctors it will be difficult to cure it, but they can do it successfully. All members of the family are doing their best not to miss this chance. However, they will hardly cope with the problem without any help. They need your support! We beg you for assistance in collecting the necessary sum for the girl.

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