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Radin Kesha, 3 years old

Date of birth: 22 October 2006.
Irkutsk, Russia.

Diagnosis: congenital heart disorder. Kesha has been operated in Germany. Therefore, in order to monitor all changes and to adjust drug administration he has to undergo an examination at the cardiological centre in Berlin four times a year. Each examination costs 537 Euros. At the moment, the family is in bad financial conditions due to the father’s medical condition. Boy’s parents can’t bear the costs of this examination themselves.
30 August 2010

Kesha has already undergone a cardiac surgery. He was refused an operation in Russia at once — the heart defect was quite complicated. The parents were recommended to send the kid’s documents to the cardiological centre in Berlin. The money for operation was gathered by "the whole world’: parents were selling everything they could sell, relatives, neighbours and charity organizations were also helping. There was no other choice. Only German surgeons could save Kesha. At the beginning they couldn’t believe that they managed to gather all the money needed when there were only few days left before the rescue operation. Kesha himself didn’t understand anything yet: he was taken somewhere, and then he embarked on a plane with his parents, the doctors were strange — they were similar to doctors at his home, but spoke different language.

Kesha’s operation was a success, the heartbeat became normal. One could see immediately that kid feels himself much better. His parents were happy, they were calling to Russia to all those who helped, cried together and congratulated each other. Kesha will live, this is what matters. At that time no one even thought that Kesha’s and his parents’ life will be connected with the Berlin cardiological centre for a long time: four times a year the boy’s heart has to be examined and his drug administration checked, which means that Kesha will have to visit doctors in Berlin more than once.

Kesha’s parents haven’t missed a single examination. They understand that boy’s life and health depends on disorder of heart’s performance. Therefore, the sooner this disorder will be revealed, the faster will be his recovery. Each examination costs 537 Euros. Kesha’s father also fell sick this year, he still hasn’t recovered from his sickness and cannot work yet. Lot of money is spent on medication. For Kesha’s parents it would be next to impossible to collect all the required money, but even though they can’t miss this examination. With this in mind, we’d like to ask for your assistance!

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