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Anton Ruzhitsky, 5

Diagnosed with cerebral palcy, resulting from complications after premature birth. The boy is very intelligent, smart, his intellectual abilities are fully retained. After a course of treatment at childrens' rehabilitation centre at Evpatory, there has been a positive development. The treatment needs to be continued.
In his letter to Santa Anton writes: "Dear Santa, please help me so my legs get well!"

From mother's letter:

Four years ago came our long expected son, Anton. When I regained consciosness after the birth, the first words I heard were: "The child is in a very serious condition, do not have any hopes, he will not survive".

Anton spent a month in intesive care, all covered with tubes and with a cateter in his navel. He was fed through a tube. When he was 11 months old, he was diagnosed with childrens' cerebral palcy. I cried day and night, cried my eyes out, until I decided: why am I crying, this will not help him, I should better fight for my child's health. And again hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centres.

When he was 2 years old, the doctors said:"His intellectual abilities have not been affected, he is a very smart boy and has good perspectives. Continue to train him, and, if possible, take him to the childrens' rehabilitation centre at Evpatory."We took up a loan and made a trip to Evpatory. Three months after the treatment there Antoshka was able to sit by himself, that was wonderful! Now he is able to put his feet on the floor and stand on his own. He now tells his grandmother:"Granny, I will soon walk on my own and you will not be tired in your arms any more".

In april 2008 we are scheduled for more treatment and a possible operation. The treatment is expensive. We will not be able to get a loan any more (we have already got it 4 times). I am afraid to think of a possibility that my child will be dependant on a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He is such a smart and nice little boy. And I would so much like to see his first steps.

Just as all children of his age, Anton is looking forward to the Christmas holidays. As all children, he is writing a letter to Santa (Father Frost in Russian) about what he wishes to have for Christmas. Only he wishes for other things: "Dear Santa, please help me so my legs get well!"

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