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Sadikov Savva, 2 years old

Date of birth: 16 March 2015.
Lipetsk Oblast, Studenyje Vyselki village.

Diagnosis: Congenital heart defect. The boy is about to undergo the Fontan operation, which is being performed in this country not for a long time; not in every hospital doctors perform it, and not always it is a success. Savva’s parents wish the boy to underwent the operation in Children’s Hospital № 1 in Saint Petersburg, where survival rate after the surgical procedure is reported to be the highest of all. It will cost quite a sum to perform the operation there, but the family does not possess such a sum. We beg you to help in raising RUB 495 000 to pay for the treatment.
17 October 2017

It would be incorrect and unpedagogical to compare one’s child with others. But sometimes parents have to do so. The first day little Savva was brought to his mother to the ward, she was looking at the children of her ward-mates and wondering why other children have pink heels, while those of her son are violet. His forehead also seemed to have a blue tint. Her inner voice told her the thing that would be revealed by doctors only three days later: the boy’s heart failed to function properly.

Then they were separated: Savva was squeaking quietly in one of the wards for newborn babies with a pathology; his mother was crying at the door of the ward begging to let her in or, at least, to explain what was wrong with the child. One of the doctors took pity on the woman and told her that her son had only a half of the heart and that his lesser circulation was absent; he allayed her fears saying that at present the defections of this kind were operable. The only problem was that, according to the medical assessment from Bakulev Scientific Center for Cardiovascular Surgery, the family had to wait for the operation for three months, and thus they could do nothing but pray that the boy would remain alive till the operation. However, the family preferred to act rather than to wait; they asked friends and relatives to help, and only in three weeks the boy was brought to Moscow; the next day he underwent an operation. Instead of waiting passively, such a measure had to be taken to help Savva survive and let him wait for the major operation. If his parents had done nothing, the boy would have already been dead.

Thus, there are situations when parents do not follow doctors’ advice to save their children. So, now, when the time for another stage of the surgical procedure — the Fontan operation — is coming, they have already decided what to do. Since they had enough time to find some statistic data, they have learnt that in this country the operation is being performed not for a long time, that doctors do not have much experience in the field, so the success of the operation depends on the hospital. Children’s Hospital in Saint Petersburg appeared to show the highest survival rate; Savva’s parents wish their case was included to the section of success in a statistic graph, and they avoid thinking of its other part.

Unfortunately, they cannot be meet a quota in Saint Petersburg, since it is a public hospital, where few regional quotas are imposed. Thus, the family needs to collect RUB 495 000 to pay for the treatment. This is really an enormous sum for common people from the country, who make ends meet and bring up six children. If someone thinks that to lose one of six children is not that tragic, one has never experienced how it feels to hold a child’s hand and know he or she will be no longer alive the next day.

Little Savva is the most sensitive of all the children, he is extremely sympathetic to the pain of others; he may start crying out of pity looking at an injured knee of his brother and is comforting the sufferer all day long. He is never satisfied with assurances that everything is fine already — the boy thinks that a pain cannot be relived, as it is the case with him. He has shortness of breath every time he watches at other children running around. No surprising, he has only a half of the heart! His heels turn violate again, which means he badly needs to undergo the operation. We beg you to help!

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