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Savelieva Elena, 25 years old

Date of birth: 15 August 1984.
Yaroslavl, Russia.

Diagnosis: spinal trauma as a result of surgical misadventure. Lately there has been improvement in Elena’s motion activity. That means that she is not condemned to be disabled for the rest of her life and there is a chance for her to walk. We ask you to help paying for Elena’s rehabilitation course at the Central Clinical Hospital of Rehabilitation Treatment. The cost is 113,950 rubles (3685 USD)
22 June 2010

Last time we saw Elena in 2008. At that time you all helped to buy a wheel chair for her, exactly the one she dreamed of. Elena is a very active person and her lifestyle is also dynamic, despite her condition. She graduated from a college, she does sports and helps people who find themselves in a similar situation. She participates in various protests to draw attention to the problem of disabled people in the unequipped cities. Nothing will make her sit around, even her trauma.

Now Elena’s condition seems to be improving, thanks to daily exercise. Doctors say that a well-designed rehabilitation course based on modern techniques will increase the speed of improvement. That course is offered in the Central Clinical Hospital of Rehabilitation Treatment in Moscow region. They have a special robotized system, which is by far the best system for walking practice. It is Elena’s chance to get out of that wheel chair. She spent 12 years in it, but still hasn’t lost hope for recovery. The only obstacle now is the lack of resources. Whatever they say, it is very hard to find a job for a disabled person. Government help is usually just empty promises. Rehabilitation course costs 113,950 rubles (3685 USD). Elena is asking you to help her start walking:

I’ve been dreaming to go to this Center for several years, but my own savings are far from enough. I turn to you for help in paying rehabilitation expenses. I already see improvements in my condition; modern technologies and exercise therapy would multiply the achieved results. I believe in the moment when I will be able to stand up and go. Please, help me get there sooner!

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