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Savelyev Arseny, 4 years

Date of birth: 1 February 2005.
Kotovsk, Province of Tambov, Russia.

The diagnosis: a condition after liver transplantation owing to biliary cirrhosis. Arseny needs assistance in payment for the planned control inspection in German clinic. Please help to collect missing $1,000!
24 September 2009

In November, 2005 in the university clinic of Tubingen (Germany) Arseny had a donor liver transplant. Money for all his expenses have been collected by the Savings Bank of Russia, to which we are very grateful.

After transplantation it is necessary to pass planned inspections in the clinic, where the operation was performed. In 2007 mum has brought Arseny for the control inspection, but in 2008 she was unable to do that due to the lack of money. Only in this year she has managed to save up the most part of the necessary sum. Money for control inspection and accommodation has already been transferred to the clinic. But it was not possible to find money for tickets.

The cheapest flight costs about 30 000 roubles (1,000 euro). The mum’s salary is 7500 roubles, the father has left the family, and she raises two sons alone. Please, help a family to pay for the tickets!

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