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Schneider Ksenia, 4 years old

Date of birth: 6  13.
Svedlovsk Oblast, Pervouralsk.

Diagnosis: Chronic kidney disease, post kidney transplantation status. For now the process of kidney rejection has started, so the only way to save the transplanted organ is to insert the medicine ‘Nulojix’; no other drugs managed to cope with the task. The cost of the medicine to be bought is EUR 23 700. The family cannot collect such a sum on their own. They need your help!
18 December 2017

Almost since Ksenia's birth her family has to fight for her life, and they will stop at nothing to save the girl. Thus, her grandmother became the kidney donor, when the girl's organs had stopped functioning — other relatives appeared not to be matching donors. Though the girl's mother and father would give their lives without a moment's hesitation, this sacrifice could not save their daughter. It is necessary that the girl should be given drug treatment that will cost EUR 27 300.

Last year Ksenia underwent kidney transplantation. Living-related transplant is largely regarded to be the best variant, but sometimes things get out of control and go beyond doctors' predictions, statistics and medical reference books. Within a year of the operation the girl was leading a normal life, the girl was developing properly and started to talk; it seemed that the worst was behind, but Ksenia's state of health started to deteriorate. Nobody wanted to accept the thing that was revealed by the results of the analyses: rejection had started. The girl was taken to Moscow to be examined, and the diagnosis was confirmed.

Today the girl is under the constant care of doctors, who do their best to preserve the organ. All the drugs that had been prescribed previously were discontinued, the new one — ‘Nulojix' — was prescribed. This drug of a new generation was supposed to prevent the process of rejection, which was done successfully; the girl's state of health improved greatly. The process, however, will restart if the drug is discontinued. To fix the result Ksenia should take the medicine for another several months; the family is run out of the drug, and cannot afford another course; at the same time, there is no quota on it. So, the family will not manage to buy the medicine on their own. Once a month the girl has to come to Moscow to the Russian National Research Center of Surgery named after B. V. Petrovsky to be given a course of treatment and to be examined. The life of Ksenia's parents is now really difficult and stressful: they scarcely managed to find enough money to fly from Sverdlovsk Oblast to Moscow and to return, all their income was spent on the tickets. The family has to live on credit and to treat their daughter due to the help of strangers. At that, nobody knows whether they will manage to find money to buy the medicine for another course.

If the next course is failed, Ksenia will have to go through all these things once again: diffusion, waiting for a transplantation — the cadaveric one this time, then the operation itself. Everyday there will be risk that the girl would not stay alive another day. Moreover, lump sums of money will be required, since the family will have to live in Moscow, near the Center, which will cost much higher than to buy tickets. In addition, ‘Nulojix' is to be bought to prepare the girl for the operation. Yet there is a chance to avoid this nightmare. We beg you to help in collecting EUR 23 700 for Ksenia!

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