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Seleznyova Alina, 10 years old

Date of birth: 17 October 2001.
Nizhnii Novgorod.

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy. Alina is an intelligent, sociable and very nice girl. Due to her illness she cannot walk, despite all her effort. She needs help in paying for a course of treatment in Yevpatoriya clinic that costs 64,893 rubles (2,308 dollars).
5 May 2011

They say everything that happens with us during the first few months after we are born has an effect on the rest of our lives. When Alina was 3 months old she had a near-death experience. Alina’s heart had stopped, the blood didn’t run through her veins, and something very precious was slipping away with every second.

Perhaps somewhere deep inside this event taught Alina to always fight for her life and appreciate what she has. She treats her illness, cerebral palsy, simply as a barrier that needs to be overcome in order to live. Alina dreams about being able to dress herself, go to school, play with her sister and dance. Alina believes she will be able to make her dreams come true, that she will get better and that her life will be a long and happy one.

We ask you to help Alina in paying for the course of treatment in Yevpatoriya clinic, the cost is 64,893 rubles (2,308 dollars). The girl has more than enough willingness to work hard, but her parents don’t have enough money. Her dad works as an electrician and they also have another daughter. This treatment is only a small part of the expenses. In order to see results the treatment needs to be constant all year round. Please, help!

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