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Diagnosis: congenital heart disorder. The parents are expecting the girl to be born in June. Their wait is full of joy and fear at the same time. The little baby will need a heart surgery as soon as she is born. The first step of surgical correction will be performed by doctors in St. Petersburg. The cost is 236,000 rubles (8,400 dollars).
5 May 2011

For now the little girl’s name is simply Baby. She will be born in June. The parents haven’t decided on a name yet, but they do know for sure that she needs help right now. Even a non-specialist can hear the little heart working wrong during the ultrasound. The doctors say that the situation is unfavorable. Multistep hemodynamic surgery is needed, the first step must be done during the first day of the baby’s life.

That’s why the mother is going to St. Petersburg in May, just in case. She’s going to make sure her newborn baby gets to the City Children’s Hospital #1, even though the surgeries there cost a lot of money, 236,000 rubles (8,400 dollars). Only in that hospital the doctors have the necessary experience and can guarantee good results. The mom is preparing for the possibility of losing her baby, but still has hopes that everything will go smoothly. Every day she prays for her girl’s life.

From the letter of the mom:

Many people disapprove of me. They say I needed to get rid of my baby as soon as we found out her diagnosis. That way we’d avoid many difficulties. I thought they were crazy. They didn’t give life to this little person, and they cannot decide wether to take that life away. God decided that Baby has to be born, so she will be born in spite of all the obstacles. And my duty is to do everything I possibly can in order for Baby to live. I know, it will be extremely hard, but it is worth all the effort to see my girl grow, laugh, fall in love. Her future is worth it. It was very hard to ask for help. Till the very last moment we thought we’d find money for the surgery. But it was way too much for our family. Only my husband has a job. Even though he tried really hard, we couldn’t collect enough money. I hope that you will understand the difficult situation we are in and help us save our Baby.

Comments from Dr. Viktor Stanislavovich Dovgan, City Children’s Hospital #1, St. Petersburg:

The child was antenatally diagnosed with one of the most complicated heart disorders — hypoplastic left heart. Children with such disorder usually die within the first couple of days of their lives unless the special treatment is performed that is also a preliminary step before the surgery. Treatment of this disorder is very difficult and multistep. The first surgery is usually preformed no later than on the third day of baby’s life. The results of surgical correction are not perfect, considering the complicated nature of the disorder. Many clinics in the world do not even perform surgeries on children with hypoplastic left heart.

Our clinic has a lot of experience in treating children with such disorders, and the results are good even by international standards. For the proper treatment the child is transferred into our hospital by the special team of emergency doctors within a couple of hours after labor. After a short examination the surgical treatment is performed the very next day.

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