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Sergeeva Maya, 5

Maya has cerebral palsy. She needs a course of therapy at the International rehabilitation centre in Truskavetz. Her mother is raising the daughter alone, and is unable to raise 128 000 Roubles for Maya?s rehabilitation.
1 February 2008

Olga Sergeeva, Maya's mother, writes:

5 years ago I became a happy mother of a little girl. But she was born long premature, before full 7 months of pregnancy. However, she was very strong. She was a little behind her peers, started to sit and crawl later than other children. The doctors said that it was because she was a premature child.

Only at 2 years old Maya was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. During the last 3 years of treatment she has learned a lot. She has been treated at the International rehabilitation centre in Truskavetz and went through 3 courses of intensive neurophysiologic rehabilitation. We would have been unable to afford this treatment, had it not been for the help of a very kind person. Unfortunately, he can not help us any more. I can not afford to pay for further treatment by myself. I am raising my daughter alone. After Truskavetz, we tried two other clinics, but have not seen the same results as after the course in Truskavetz.

Before the treatment in Truskavetz Maya could not crawl or sit on her own, and had strong spasticity in her arms and legs. Now Maya is already taking her first insecure steps on her own. She would very much like to go to kindergarten, she loves to play with other kids. She learns and trains a lot, and her strong will helps her, but it is not enough. I feel that a course of therapy in Truskavetz is just what is needed to make her be able to feel more secure and wall fully on her own. Please help her!

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We need to collect 128 000 Roubles.

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