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Shalygin Dmitry, 32 years old

Date of birth: 25 January 1985.

Diagnosis: Acute myeloblastic leukemia. It is only marrow bone transplantation that will save Dmitry. None of his relatives appeared to be a matched donor for him; neither was a donor found in the Russian data basis. Thus, the one is to be searched for in the International Donor Search Center (Stefan Morsch Stiftung), which costs quite a sum. Today Dmitry is lacking in RUB 500 000, so that the required amount of money is raised. He badly needs your help!
9 November 2017

Grim news about Dmitry’s disease came to the family out of the blue: he had always led a healthy lifestyle and had been a perfectly healthy man. However, during employee health screening, which Dmitry had to perform on direction of the HR department, Dmitry was diagnosed with cancer. He came back home baffled and deeply distressed, as if he had lost his strength and health at once, as soon as he had found out the diagnosis, acute myeloblastic leukemia.

Certainly, one can never be ready for such a trouble: it was only yesterday that one had a normal life, and today one’s future and the very life is doubtful, while no one can explain why such a misfortune befell him or her and what may happen next. Dmitry has always been not only physically strong, but strong in spirit as well. Once he covered from shock, he became clearly determined to fight the disease. He bravely went through three courses of chemotherapy, and always wrote to his friends that everything was fine and that he felt pretty good. He joked that now on he would save lots of money on barbershops. He took selfies from the hospital and wrote funny comments to them. He helped his wardmates, who felt worse than him, and said he was strong enough to do to so. It a word, he remained the person he used to be before the disease, extremely helpful and full of sympathy.

Still, the disease and circumstances are beyond his control. Due to the course of chemo doctors managed just to get Dmitry’s organism ready for the coming transplantation, which is definitely the only way to cure a patient with such a disease. Doctors, however appeared to face an obstacle, as neither Dmitry’s parents, nor his sister were proved to be a matched donor for him. Neither was a donor found in the Russian data basis. Thus, the one is to be looked for in the largest data basis of all, that is the International Donor Search Center. This search costs EUR 18 000.

While being treated, Dmitry did not waste time waiting idly. He clearly understood that neither he himself, a disabled person of group 1, nor his parents, a nurse and a boiler house operator, would manage to pay for the treatment. So, he asked Advita Fund for help, and organized the collecting of money in social networks — thus, he started raising the required sum. At present, RUB 500 000 more are required to raise the whole sum. But time now is the most dangerous enemy for Dmitry. He can wait no longer. We beg you to help him! The diagnosis, though quite a severe one, has changed nothing significant — his whole life is still before him; he just needs being treated. We beg you to help Dmitry in collecting the sum for the treatment.

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