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Sharapudin Abdulaev, 6 years old

Date of birth: 30 September 2011.
Republic of Dagestan, Gimri village.

Diagnosis: bladder exstrophy. It is a congenital malformation of development, in which the position of the internal organs is disturbed and in which the life of the patient turns into a constant struggle with complications. Will the boy’s life be full, now depends on whether you help him. A Serbian surgeon who specializes in the treatment of this disease can help the child. 7 surgeries, made in Russia, didn’t bring results. The treatment abroad requires 13,500 Euros, which the boy’s family does not have.
25 April 2018

Sharapudin was born with his disease and with it managed to grew up to six years old. He looks like an ordinary child, not different from others. But he has one congenital anatomical feature — his bladder is not located where it should be: it is outside, not inside. In an attempt to return the correct anatomy to the child, the doctors conducted 7 surgeries to the boy, but none of them have led to the desired result. What is more the treatment took place in the leading Russian hospitals. It turns out that today the child can not get any other help in our country.

But it is absolutely obvious, that a boy and later a man can not have a normal life with such a pathology. Today Sharapudin lives with a constant risk of developing infections and with problems with urination, in the future he will not be able to start a family and will be doomed to loneliness and struggles with complications, that will inevitably arise from untreated pathology. Thoughts about this make parents seek treatment opportunities abroad.

Fortunately in Serbia there is a surgeon, who specializes in bladder exstrophy treatment. In his experience there are dozens of successful surgeries even in the most difficult cases, which means dozens of rescued lives, which have developed happily despite of the nature’s mistakes. But the treatment of the boy from Russia with this doctor will be chargeable — 13,500 Euros. Sharapudin’s family is poor, after 6 years of treatment the parents have sold everything that could be sold and now — at the moment when the child’s healing has become so real, they have nothing to pay for it.

We ask you to help the boy. The surgery is expensive, but it is his only chance for the healthy and happy future. Please, help to pay for it!

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