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Sharipov Adel, 4 years old

Date of birth: 7 October 2006.
Kazan, Russia.

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. In august Adel will have a surgery that will incise his tense muscles. This will allow him to start walking. After the surgery he needs rehabilitation and special exercise. This post-surgery treatment costs 50,610 rubles (1,660 US dollars).
13 July 2010

Gulnaz Khanipova is Adel’s mom, she wrote to us:

My son suffered from a horrible disease called cerebral palsy. Adel can’t walk, can’t seat, can’t speak. His condition is very serious. His father left us when Adel was only 12 months old. We haven’t heard from him since then. Our only income is Adel’s disability pension. My parents help us as much as they can, but they are retired. My son needs constant medication, massages. Everything is very expensive, I had to get in debts. I don’t know how we’ll handle this further.

This coming august the doctors from the Clinical Rehabilitation Institute (Tula city) will be in our city. They will be performing muscle cuts according to Ulzibat’s method. The surgery costs 24,000 rubles (800 US dollars). We signed up for one. Adel has strong spasticity in his muscles, they are constantly tensed. The doctors will incise the muscles that are especially tensed, so that they can relax. This surgery is very promising, but afterwards it is absolutely necessary to undergo a rehabilitation course to develop muscles, to teach them to move correctly. Only specialized centers offer such rehabilitation. It costs 50,000 rubles (1,660 US dollars). With our level of income we can only dream about this treatment. That is why I decided to write to the fund. Maybe our story will also make it to the website and my Adel will get to go to the rehabilitation center. Thanks in advance to everyone who reads this letter and is able to help.

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