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Shestakova Olya, 3 years old

Date of birth: 11 April 2007.
Khabarovsk city.

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. Whether Olya can get better or not depends on regular rehabilitation courses. Right now Olya is supposed to go for treatment in Truskavets, but her parents can’t pay for it. We are asking you again to help the little girl. Treatment costs 1,940 euros (2,760 dollars).
23 March 2011

Every new letter from Olya’s mom tells us about the girl’s new achievements. Olya’s parents try so hard to help her, they do everything they can for their daughter to get healthier. They do constant exercise, go to speech therapist, take her to massage, swimming pool, therapeutic horse riding. Their life seems like a constant race. Olya is still very young, it is especially important not to miss a chance right now. They know they have to do everything possible and impossible to fight the illness now.

It has been 4 months since they went to the International Clinic of Rehabilitation Treatment in Truskavets for a rehabilitation course that you helped to pay for. There needs to be a break in between courses, so that the child has time to reinforce positive changes after the treatment. That break cannot be too long though. Now is time for Olya to take another course, but her parents don’t have enough money. This year the cost of treatment is 1,940 euros (2,760 dollars). Olya’s parents are asking for your help again.

From the letter of Olya’s mom:

Lately we feel like Olya doesn’t believe she is sick. We take care of her, help her in everything, but she doesn’t know why and she wants to do everything by herself. She tries to things that other kids her age do: stand up, run, jump. She falls down, gets bruises and cries, but later tries to do all that again and again. She cannot speak, but she learned to communicate with kids. She becomes a part of the group immediately, she doesn’t feel she’s different. She learned to communicate with gestures so well that everyone understands her. Doctors say that when she learns to walk, she’ll learn to speak too. We are looking forward to that.

Doctors from the International Clinic of Rehabilitation Treatment in Truskavets recommended she takes rehabilitation courses 3-4 times a year. Unfortunately we cannot pay such expensive treatment. Therefore we are asking you again for your help. We know that cerebral palsy is not a final verdict and that a child with this diagnosis can be helped.

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