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Shihaliev Marat, 17 years old

Date of birth: 8 September 1998.
The Republic of Dagestan, Kizlyar.

Diagnosis: Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Marat suffers from hip dislocations which resulted from hip fracture. Now he cannot sit, cannot get out of bed for 9 months and feels immense pain at the slightest movement. The operation should correct the situation, but it is too expensive for Marat’s mother. It costs RUB 382 420. We beg for your help!
12 October 2015

It is difficult to imagine that there is anybody who would not mind staying in a wheelchair. Still, things like that do happen. Marat knows well that it is not impossible to dream of such a thing. To sit in a wheelchair, to meet with friends, to dine at the table, to do homework on computer... Only a year ago all these things were simple for Marat, although he stayed in a wheelchair. But for several months by now Marat has been able only to lie and has been trying to avoid any movements, otherwise he feels immense pain.

This is not another stage of his illness. Muscular dystrophy results in gradual weakening of all he muscles, but it is a long process which continues for several years. At first, Marat noticed unsteadiness of his gait; then the pain and weakness in legs increased; some years ago the boy had to start using a wheelchair. He would have stayed in a wheelchair for a long time, but last year he fell down and broke his hip. Hip fracture resulted into hip dislocations. Nowadays the slightest movement and just the thought of it give the boy a lot of pain; for 9 months he has not able to get out of bed.

They say, everything is relative. Last year Marat was dreaming of some medicine which would cure him completely. Today his only wish is to have a possibility of sitting and moving around in a wheelchair again. In contrast to the first dream, this one could be fulfilled in the nearest future. However, even now his diagnosis might have become a serious obstacle. There are quotas for the operations in specialized orthopaedic hospital, but there the doctors refused to operate the boy: they were afraid that Marat’s genetic disorder may spring some unpleasant ‘surprise’. The doctors of science and practice centre Solntsevo expressed their agreement to operate the boy. But no quotas are established in the centre — only Moscow citizens have an opportunity to be treaded there free of charge. The single mother does not manage to collect money for the treatment.

We cannot persuade the doctors to carry out the operation; but we can collect money to treat Marat in Moscow. It will cost RUB 382 420. We beg you for immediate help! Marat has not been able to get used to the pain during 9 months; every day of his life is a torture — please, help him stop it!

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