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Shilov Artyom, 12 months old

Date of birth: 17 June 2009.
Balashikha city, Moscow region.

Diagnosis: congenital heart disorder. Artyom needs a surgery to live. If he is operated in Russia, his chance for survival is 30%. In Germany such surgeries are conducted for many years and with much higher chances for recovery. Artyom’s parents do not want him to end up among those 70% of people that never leave the operation room, for that they need 36,500 euros.
6 August 2010

This is a part of the letter that Artyom’s mom sent us:

Artyom is the happiest part of my life. I think I’ve lived 34 years just to see him come to this world. No one around me believed I could conceive. But I didn’t give up hope, just because I already loved my unborn baby. When I did get pregnant after 7 years of unsuccessful attempts, I was so happy! Every kick was a huge event. It feels incredible to watch a new life start.

After a while I could hold my little treasure in my hands, my little baby boy Artyom. My mom was calling me on the phone with tears of happiness in her voice, my husband was waiting by the hospital windows, I was so happy!

That’s when the doctors gave their verdict: congenital heart disorder. The baby needed a surgery urgently, or he would die. I thought the world had collapsed. I could not believe it was real when the ambulance took us to Bakulev’s medical center and Artyom was looking at me so seriously as if he could not understand my tears. His eyes were saying: «I am here! I am born! You should be glad!»

Later the doctor told me that the surgery did not fix all the problems, but saved my son’s life. In the future he will need heart valve surgeries, he’ll have to take medication all the time and deal with all the side effects. Everything seemed to be in a fog...

Artyom is a little more than 12 months old now. We call him Temka, Artyomka, Tyusha. He loves his stuffed toys, always kisses and hugs them. He eats only when the music is on, he also likes to beat the drum. He laughs every time he sees a dog or a cat on the street. He is very playful, sometimes too much, and if I tell him to stop he gives me a Cheshire cat’s smile.

We found out about the Ross procedure surgery that can only be done in Germany. It is very complicated, but it will give our son a good chance to survive. He won’t have to take medication and the most important part is that he won’t need any more open-heart surgeries. This surgery costs 36,500 euros. I beg you, if you have a possibility, please help. The doctors recommend the surgery to be done before the end of September. Artyom’s condition now is stable, he is taking several medicines. However, his heart is failing and the surgery can become impossible.


Russian clinics can perform Ross procedure with large risks to the patient. Doctors of the Research Center of Cardiovascular Surgery n.a. Bakulev give a 30% chance of survival after the procedure. In the Saint-Petersburg City Children’s Hospital #1 there was only one such surgery performed after the leading surgeon Dr. Lyubomudrov had left. Samara’s Cardiology Center offer replacement of the heart valve, which means more replacements in the future as the child will grow and the valve will wear out. In Novosibirsk and Penza Cardiology Centers no children younger than 3 years old have ever had such surgery.

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