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Shohin Artyom, 4 years old

Date of birth: 26 February 2011.
Leningrad Oblast, Gorbunki village.

Diagnosis: Diabetes mellitus (DM), Sensorineural hearing. After several weeks of taking classes with the specialists Artyom learnt to produce sentences two or three words long. The boy has every chance to learn speak to properly despite a serious illness. The only obstacle is lack of money for carrying out the treatment. They need your help in collecting RUB 108 000!
16 November 2015

In the Shohin family there are three children. The elder son is an adult; he is already married and has his own family. The middle daughter is seven. And the youngest is Artyom who is only four years old. Both of the children have serious health problems. Sonya suffers from asthma attacks. As for Artyom, two years ago Diabetes mellitus type 1 was diagnosed; last year Sensorineural hearing loss (IV level) was verified, which is almost complete deafness.

The doctors have chosen an effective hearing aid to compensate for hearing loss. The performed research has found that the boy can hear by now and, consequently, he should be able to speak. But speech development is to be supported — Artyom has to take classes with the specialists to learn to understand speech and to speak. The Shohin family lives in Leningrad oblast. In this area there is only one kindergarten for the children with hearing problems. It is a boarding school — the children live there, take classes with the specialists and come home for weekends. For the parents it had been impossible to be apart from their son for several days every week, but for his good they would have found strength to do it. But the problem is Artyom’s another illness.

Artyom suffers from a serious illness — Diabetes. He needs to have his blood sugar level checked 8 times a day and 4 times a night. At the boarding school a doctor is at work only during the day. Bringing him to the boarding school every day was not the best idea, as the distance is vast, and Artyom needs to have food each two hours. They cannot also attend the rehabilitation centre in Saint-Petersburg: there the classes are free of charge only for the citizens of Saint-Petersburg, while Artyom and his family live in Leningrad Oblast.

With a great difficulty the parents managed to find a sum to pay for the classes requiring payment. Artyom attended them for several weeks and started to produce sentences two or three words long! It’s a wonderful result! It turns out to be hat if the boy takes classes regularly, he will be able to go to school together with the other children and won’t have any difficulties in communication. But the family has no money — the parents have already spent all their savings on the treatment and rehabilitation. Only one of the parents has an opportunity to work, as the children need someone to care about them properly. They often get ill because they do not have strong immunity. The cost of the classes is RUB 108 000. The parents beg for your help!

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