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Lada Shushkevich, 33 years old

Date of birth: 24 January 1981.
Sosnovoborsk, Krasnoyarsk Krai.

Diagnosis: tumor in cervical spine. Lada has a backset: the tumor that was excised many years ago has grown again. In Russia Lada was deemed incurable, that’s why she had to go to Israel to combat for his life and have doctors reduce the tumor size by chemotherapy. A huge amount of money was spent for the first phase already. Please help us to collect EUR 5500 to purchase medications for the next phase. Lada’s family does not have any more money for this.
17 March 2014

Lada became ill in 2004. Everything started with pain in the back that the doctors did not pay any serious attention to and she ended up in a wheelchair. A tumor grew in Lada’s spine and was excised with a surgery, but the young woman became handicapped. Later several rehabilitation courses returned Lada the ability to move her hands and she regained sensitivity in her hands, and she started to use a active-type wheelchair and then she began to walk with walkers and crutches. And despite this she continued smiling and lived a productive life and was happy.

Two years ago she sent us a cheerful letter saying that she became a mom. She wanted to share this news with you- because you supported her for so many years and believed that she will be able to get on her feet, you helped to go through her treatment. We were so happy about her and when recently we received a new letter from her we expected to read about something wonderful from her life, like, for example, that Lada finally got out of her wheelchair, because she had been striving for that for so long.

But her letter was full of dismay and pleading to help: unexpectedly for everybody a tumor had grown in her spine and it was so huge that it’s impossible to excise it. And now it poses a risk of not only paralyzation but even to kill Lada. The family did everything (even more than they could) to save their wife and mother, but it turned out not to be enough. And that’s why your help is needed.

One day a pain was back, — Lada says, it was that very pain, that awful pain, that I will never misinterpret. I immediately did a tomography — there was a huge tumor. Neurosurgeons refused to perform a surgery saying that there are no chances of a positive outcome, the tumor has damaged the whole cervical region of the spine. No other treatment was offered to me. I always had a chance but now they did not give me a chance or a slight hope. They simply refused.

When we realized that we can not find help in Russia, my husband found a clinic in Israel, borrowed 2 million rubles and we went there to look for a hope. I had 30 ray treatments in the period of 2 months. That relieved the pain and stopped a tumor growth. Now I can sit myself, though my fingers to not respond. How long my treatment can take is unknown, the treatment is very hard to me, my family is very distressed for me. But if I want to survive I must continue. We do not have any money left, we have only debts, we need RUR 268602 for the next phase of chemotherapy. If you help us to collect this amount, you will save me.

Sometimes I think that there are too many trials in my life, I get upset and start crying. But when I see my son, I understand that I need to fight. And I do fight. Please help me in my fight!

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