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Shushkova Nastya, 12 years old

Date of birth: 18 September 1998.
Arkhangelsk oblast', Severodvinsk city.

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis, pseudomonas aeruginosa. Nastya can live a long and productive life, but she needs to get rid of pseudomonas aeruginosa that is destroying her lungs. Bramitob will help, but it costs 280,994 rubles (9,600 dollars).
7 February 2011

Nastya has tried many different medications throughout her life. It started when an unknown term «cystic fibrosis» turned into a life-defining diagnosis for her and her family. Medications are very hard to get in her home city Severodvinsk. Even the usual antibiotics are hard to buy, so the family have to replace them with cheaper easier-to-get ones that are inefficient.

Until recently Nastya’s doctors didn’t even have an idea of how she’d react to different antibiotics. Last year after an intravenous injection of a new drug Nastya went into an anaphylactic shock. After that doctors recommended that Nastya needs to go to Moscow where there are more specialists. In January Nastya was hospitalizes in the Russian Children’s Clinical Hopsital. There doctors were very surprised to see her poor condition. They could barely hear her breathe, she weighed 27 kilograms with height of 137 cm.

Now Nastya is back at home. She’s truly enjoying her life now, after being treated properly she can breathe freely. It turned out that her organism reacts very well to Bramitob. But doctors never prescribed this medicine to her, because the family can’t buy it anyways, it’s too expensive. When Nastya was discharged from the hospital, doctors warned her that she needs to be treated with Bramitob again, otherwise the infection will come back very quickly. Nastya’s parents don’t have the money. One course costs 280,994 rubles and she needs to start it right now, or as soon as possible.

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