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Shoushpannikhov Roman, 5 years old

Date of birth: 23 August 2011.

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy, dislocation of the hip joints. Roma’s main disease is being treated successfully; courses of rehabilitation enable to overcome its consequences. But the dislocations prevent the boy from putting weight on his legs; consequently, he cannot learn how to walk. We beg you to assist in paying for the operation on the hip joints at a cost of RUB 2 000 000. The family will not cope with the problem unless you help them.
19 May 2017

When Roman was at the age of twelve months, his parents were already joyed to listen to him producing short sentences. Since a very early age the boy has been curious; now he can count to ten easily, knows all the letters and learns to spell. He loves books, enjoys reading and adores other people listening to him reciting the poems he has learnt by heart. The only problem is the boy cannot walk up to now. It is not cerebral palsy to be blamed — the courses of rehabilitation have revealed the boy’s potential for overcoming all the consequences of the disease. The thing is the boy suffers from the dislocation of the right hip joint and the semi-dislocation of the left one. It is easy to see in the picture that the right thighbone is not connected with the pelvic bone at all. This leg is 2 cm shorter than the other one already now. Unless the problem is solved, the boy will not be able to stand on his own, let alone to walk.

The only option of treating offered in this country is a complex reconstruction of the pelvis, that is the operation on both leg bones. It will last for over 5 hours under general anaesthesia; the post-operative period will continue up to half a year, during which the boy will remain in a plaster cast and will not be able to sit. It is horrifying even to think that such a deteriorating effect will be made on the brain of the boy with cerebral palsy; it goes without saying that his spine muscles, devoid of movement, will be harmed enormously. If it happens so, Roma will lose all the skills acquired within 5 years of rehabilitation (and it was so difficult to pick them up!); what is more, he will never be able to get into the pre-operative condition again.

That is why the boy’s mother asks for help, so that she could take the boy to the German surgeons. In Germany, an entirely different kind of operation may be performed; this one will save both of the joints. Moreover, it will continue for a shorter period of time; and, consequently, Roma is to be under anaesthesia for only 2-2.5 hours. A plaster cast will be discarded within 1.5 months only, so that the boy will have to remain without movement for as little time as possible. So, rehabilitative treatment will be focused on acquiring new skills, not on refreshing the lost ones.

Our foundation always favours treatment in this country, if such an option is offered, and prefers it to the treating abroad. But in this case the boy’s mother asks for help not only to use the possibly best variant; it is a vital necessity arouse from the boy’s state of health. In this country, he could undergo the operation, but its consequences would be much more disastrous than those following the refused treatment. To perform the operation in Germany will cost RUB 2 000 000. We beg you to help!

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