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Sidorenko Margarita, 23 years old

Date of birth: 17 January 1988.
Divnogorsk, Krasnoyarskii krai.

Diagnosis: spinal trauma. 13 Year ago Margarita got in a car crash, and now she can’t walk. She needs help in purchasing an active wheel chair that costs 99,015 rubles (3,440 dollars).
15 August 2011

A serious car crash on a speedway 13 years ago changed Rita’s life forever. No one died, fortunately. However, the girl ended up in a wheel chair because of a spinal trauma. Despite several very complicated surgeries and strict rehabilitation for 13 years, she hasn’t been able to start walking yet.

Everyone who knows Rita is amazed at how she kept her spirits up, how she was able to stay the same optimistic person that she was before the tragedy. No one knows where she finds strength to not get depressed and move on towards her future, even if she has to move around in a wheel chair. Last year she graduated from college with a degree in economics. She likes short trips out of town with her friends, she enjoys camping and loves the smell of fire and pine trees. She «sails» on a catamaran and gets along with horses easily.

Recently Rita had an unfortunate event. Her «other legs», that’s what she calls her wheel chair, broke. She got it from a social program that obviously didn’t take into account that people who use them can lead such an active life like Rita’s. Now she has to pass on all her activities. In two years she is supposed to get a new wheel chair from that social program. They fixed the old one, sort of. Told her to be very careful with it, until she gets a new one. But how can you be very careful on a catamaran?

Rita’s dream — is a new wheel chair that would allow her to live the life she wants. She knows there are wheel chairs that are modern, that are suitable for active people. Such wheel chair costs 99,015 rubles (3,440 dollars). It is way too expensive for Rita. Despite all her livelihood and energy, she just can’t make that kind of money. Her parents also can’t afford a present like that for their daughter, because the expenses for Rita’s treatment and support are also large. We are asking for your help in making Rita’s dream come true. It’s not a whim, it’s Rita’s life. It’s very sad that she has to change it for the worse just because of the lack of money. Please, help.

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