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Silantyev Andrei, 29 years

Date of birth: 14 April 1980.
Rubtsovsk, Region of Altai, Russia.

The diagnosis: spinal injury. Andrei suffered spinal injury 8 years ago while doing military service in the Northern Caucasus and since then he became wheelchair bound. However, he can be helped to recover in a special medical centre. Help is needed to pay for the rehabilitation course, the cost of treatment is 204,000 roubles ($6,800 or €4,635).
24 September 2009

Andrei sent us a letter, a letter from a man who has problems and does not really expect to be helped, but who is used to coping with all of his problems on his own. We learned a lot of details from the articles published in local newspapers. How his car went off the road while going through a mountain pass in Dagestan; how his childhood girlfriend came to the hospital and offered to marry him; how he suggested a divorce after seeing that she was struggling to cope and hiding tears on her pillow; how he left the flat bought from joint savings after the marriage to his wife and moved to a nursing home.

Andrei is not angry with life or people. He hasn’t started drinking, he hasn’t lost hope. He is not idle. He has learned canework, woodcarving, and now he is making animation for a company. Andrei dreams about regaining his feet and having a new family and children. The doctors don’t promise instant effects, but the possibility of being able to walk again are very high if he is provided proper treatment and constant training. Andrei needs help to pay for the treatment which costs 204,000 roubles. He can’t raise funds all by himself.

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