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Artemy Simonov, 17 years old

Artemy has been diagnosed with 4th degree S-shaped scoliosis. An urgent operation at the Novosibirsk Research Institute for Traumatology and Orthopedics will save him. We need to raise $3,713 for the operation.

Artemy’s father, Yuri Simonov, wrote us a letter:

This letter is from an ordinary man who lives in a remote village. For five years I have been raising my son and daughter alone. My wife left me for another man. My son Artemy has neurofibromatosis and right-side scoliosis, that is, a hump. His spine has got extremely deformed. He got sick when he was six, we treated him with massage and exercises but nothing did him any good. On the contrary, he developed pains in his back and legs. The authorities promised to operate on the boy in Barnaul. For two years we waited for the necessary metal parts to arrive, but they never came, and the disease kept progressing. Then I wrote a letter to President Putin. I received an answer from the local health authorities, saying that Artemy’s papers had been transferred to the Novosibirsk Institute and the operation itself would be free but I would have to pay for the implant. How can I pay? I have to raise my children, everything I earn as a mechanic — $114 a month — goes on their support and education. They are good children, they are both studying at the Altai Mining University to become agronomists. The son is in his first and the daughter in her second year.

Help me, please! You are my only hope.

Comments by Deputy Head of Novosibirsk Institute for Traumatology and Orthopedics Department, Mikhail Mikhailovsky:
“Neurofibromatosis is a grave disease, and it is often complicated by the development of gross scoliosis. The disease is hard to treat, as it tends to advance. Surgery is absolutely necessary, otherwise the spine and chest will keep deforming.”

Funds raised to date: $3,713

April 10, 2006

The first donation was received today — we got $3,713 from Pavel Aleksandrovich. Thank you very much.

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