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Sivakova Yulia, 5

Julia has cerebral palsy and needs a course of treatment in Professor V. I. Kozyavkin's medical centre. She wants to run and play with her brother Oleg, but she can not walk on her own. Please help us collect 2 632 USD for her rehabilitation. We have already collected 62 USD.
17 December 2007

Donations for our foundation from korushka1 (1000 Roubles) and Novikova Natalya (700 Roubles) will be used to pay for Julia’ s treatment. Thank you!

Olga Egorova donated 60 000 Roubles for treatment of children with cerebral palsy. Thank you! We will use this amount to pay for Julia’s treatment.

We have now raised 63 200 Roubles to pay for the rehabilitation treatment in Truskavets, in Professor Kozyavkin’s clinic. The family has received the amount we have collected. Julia has now been sent to Truskavetz for treatment.

From Elena Sivakova's letter:

Soon after we got married, we started looking forward to becoming parents. We had such a strong wish to have children, and we had already chosen the names of our future children, both for a boy and a girl. When I was three months pregnant, I had an ultrasound and learned that we were going to have twins.

The birth started before the due date, and after 14 hours of excruciating pain I gave birth to a girl. Her weight was less than 2 kilograms. I do not remember how my son was born. He did not scream, and they did not show him to me. The next morning, the doctor came into the ward and told me that my daughter was fine, but my son will most probably not survive. I prayed for him all the time, hoping that he would live and get better. And Oleg got better. While Julia received a frightening diagnosis — cerebral palsy.

Today my children are 5 years old. Oleg is running around, chatting and playing with friends. While Julia still can not walk by herself. With our friends' and family's help we managed to pay for 2 courses of treatment in Professor V. I. Kozyavkin's clinic in Truskavetz. This clinic is well known for the excellent results in treating children with cerebral palsy.

Now our daughter is more lively and animated, the treatment gave a good result, but she is still unable to walk. My husband earns 10 000 RUB pr month, our daughter's disability pension is RUB 2600 pr month. Our whole family together has now planted vegetables in a greenhouse, to be able to pay back our debts, but we managed to pay back only one thirs of our debt, and we do not have the means for the next trip to rehabilitation centre. We hope that you can help Julia.

December 6th, 2007

Dmitry Gorbenko transferred 1500 RUB (62 USD) for treatment of children with cerebral palsy. Thank you! This amount will be used to pay for Julia’s treatment.

Invoice for the course of treatment
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