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Skorohodova Vera, 2 years old

Date of birth: 7 January 2009.
Kstovo, Russia.

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. Vera’s mom is single and cannot find enough money to pay for treatment in a good rehabilitation center. Girl’s chances to recover completely are very high at this young age. Help her not to let the moment pass! One course costs 84,900 rubles (3,000 USD).
2 June 2011

Last year was the same for Vera and her family. They still are struggling to find enough money for life, all their effort is aimed at making the youngest child better, all their dreams are about Vera feeling better and starting to walk. Vera tries really hard for her mom, older brother and grandma. She started speaking a little bit, in her own way, but even that is a great accomplishment for a two-year-old. She started turning over and can now stay on her belly for a long time. Sometimes she can even find enough strength to crawl. You can tell how much she enjoys that process, even though it’s very difficult for her. She can see how her crawling makes her mom very happy.

Vera needs your help again. She showed positive dynamic after going through the rehabilitation course that you had helped paying for last year. Vera’s treatment is constant at home, but for better results she needs to see the specialists at least once a year. This treatment is very expensive though and Vera’s mom cannot find enough money for it, considering that she’s raising Vera all by herself. One course of treatment in Yevpatoria clinic costs 84,900 rubles (3,000 dollars). Please, help Vera this time too.

6 July 2010

Anna, Vera’s mom wrote to us:

Vera was born prematurely. Doctors didn’t have any hope for her survival, told me she was too weak and that she wouldn’t last long. I saw her only three days later, she was so tiny, her skin was blue in color and I could barely hear her breath. The doctor took her out of the incubator, gave her to me and suggested I said goodbye to her. I was only saying «Please, live!» over and over again.

Then Vera had a surgery for her ulcer, which saved her life. She spent three weeks in intensive care. Again the doctors kept telling me that my daughter stood little chance of survival. Despite of that I never let myself think that Vera could die. I named her Vera (which means Faith in Russian) for a reason. I always believed that my little girl will live.

Three months later we finally left the hospital and went home. The doctor warned us that Vera might get cerebral palsy, because her brain was severely affected. It wasn’t right away that I realize how serious it was. When I did, I was desperate, mad at the whole world and at myself too. It was driving me crazy to think that I was all alone with my little baby being sick and no help from anywhere.

My husband and I divorced when I was still pregnant. I had to leave with one suitcase and my older son without a particular place to go to. We had to move from one rented apartment to another. My son Egor and my mother helped me a lot. All together we started to foster our little angel. We had to move to a different city to be closer to the good doctors. We did massages, shots, needle therapy. We went to all medical centers in search for appropriate treatment. My ex-husband is barely helping. I am a designer, so I can work from home. I do as much work as I can, so that we can have enough money for medicine. There is only one goal right now, that is to help Vera start walking.

Rehabilitation treatment in the Rehabilitation Clinic in Truskavets costs 74,000 rubles (2,400 USD). However much I try, i will never be able to save this money. I ask you to help me! Please, give us hope for recovery!

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