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Slyusar Zakhar, 4 years old

Date of birth: 3 February 2011.
Ukraine, Lugansk oblast, Rudakhovo village.

Diagnosis: Acute lymphoblastic leukemia, also known as Acute lymphocytic leukemia or Acute lymphoid leukemia (ALL); Down syndrome (DS or DNS). Zakhar has no chance to stay alive in his fatherland; there he is considered to be terminally ill. At present, the boy is staying at a Cancer Center in Moscow. This is a place where they know how to treat the illness, so the boy seems to have a chance. To remain alive Zakhar should not go back home. However, to stay in Moscow and to proceed with the treatment money is required. His family is lacking in RUB 500 000 to pay for another course. They do need your help!
23 September 2016

Zakhar felt sick after he had been inoculated. Now the doctors refrain from asserting whether the vaccine triggered the occurrence of leukemia, or the illness always remained latent in the body and was seeking for a chance to reveal itself. And the vaccine gave it such a chance. Anyway, the doctors should have minded that Down syndrome is a risk factor for leukemia. So the doctor should have been exceedingly careful about any action. But is there any use in reflecting on what has already happened?.. Today it is of major importance to save Zakhar’s life. This is the task that only his mother has to take upon herself, without involving the nurse who inoculated the boy or the doctor who had recommended the procedure. Now to have her child treated, Zakhar’s mother has to pay RUB 500 000 — the sum she does not possess.

Cancer cells have already metastasized to the calvaria and the base of the skull, to the facial bones and the chest bone. The accurate diagnosis was given in Russia. In Lugansk all hospitals had refused to treat the boy, as cancer would kill him anyway (that is the way the doctors put it). They also refused to send him to Moscow, for it is too expensive to treat children abroad. But despite everything, now Zakhar is staying at Russian Cancer Center named after N. Blokhin, where his mother did manage to send him with tremendous efforts. Fortunately, precious time was not lost, and the illness is still curable.

Since this moment Zakhar has to stay in a sterilized box for a very long time, for any infection may be fatal for him. In case with Zakhar, Pseudomonas aeruginosa has also been identified; it has colonized the tissues of the jaw that have already been damaged by cancer, and is continuing to destroy the tissues along with the main illness. The doctors are fighting with P. aeruginosa as well; they do know how to help the boy. Till the boy is staying at hospital behind the box glass and is being watched, he has every chance to beat his illnesses.

The only problem is a high cost of this chance. Even though the doctors are eager to save the boy, they have nothing to do but send him back home when the money is spent. It is only natural that the four-year-old boy almost hates his ‘cage’ and bursts into tears before each chemo procedure. But he must be brave and bear it all. His mother does understand it and tries to distract her son with the help of fairy tales and cartoons; the doctors do understand it and wear colourful, ‘not scary’ face masks; his brother does understand it and tears himself apart between his job and the hospital. Only Zakhar does not understand why it hurts so much and why he cannot come back home. He is only four years old. Once his memory will delete everything about medicine droppers and walls at hospital, about the smell of hospital and the pain after injections. For the sake of this moment we, the adults, are doing our best: treating, assisting, paying the bills. As Zakhar is not a resident of this contry, it costs quite a sum to pay for his treatment; his sole mother does not manage to cope on her own. We beg you for help. Please, assist in keeping the treatment going on!

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