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Sokolova Liza, 6 years old

Date of birth: 9 June 2004.
Smolenskaya oblast', Yaroslavl city.

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. Liza can’t walk. She needs help in paying for a casting treatment in Yevpatoria clinic that costs 134,420 rubles (4,750 dollars).
23 March 2011

Liza and her parents have been fighting her illness for 6 years. The girl can become healthy and beautiful or she might end up never learning how to walk. It largely depends on Liza’s desire to walk, but it won’t be enough without proper treatment.

Last year Liza did a course of casting in Yevpatoria clinic. She spent 40 days in casts, and then 35 more days in rehabilitation. Such treatment is very hard for a child, but Liza managed it well. She knows better than anybody that the result is all that matters. She is prepared to give it all even for the small victory, for any change in her ability to control her body.

After that course Liza made her first steps. Those steps were clumsy, she had to hold her parents’ hands, but she was walking! And her eyes sparkled with happiness.

Doctors say Liza needs another course of casting. Her parents could find the money for the last course, with the help of friends and family. Now they ran out of resources. Complete treatment costs 134,410 rubles (4,750 dollars). We ask you to help Liza.

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