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Sorokina Veronika, 4 years old

Date of birth: 29 January 2006.
Kaliningrad, Russia.

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. Veronika’s psychoemotional state is perfectly normal, but her motor function is damaged. She needs help in paying for rehabilitation course in Truskavets. One course costs 74,000 rubles (2,400 dollars).
31 August 2010

It is time for another rehabilitation course. This November Veronika is expected in Truskavets. Her parents’ income gets almost completely spent on medication and treatment. They don’t want to let the moment pass, when it is relatively easy for their daughter to recover, so they don’t miss any opportunities to improve Veronika’s health. This time we ask you to help them. One rehabilitation course in Professor Kozyavkin’s center costs 74,000 rubles (2,400 dollars). Veronika’s parents do not have that money.

Veronika’s mom wrote to us:

Again I need to ask for your help. You have helped us twice to send my daughter to take a rehabilitation course in Truskavets. We’ve seen great results. Veronika could sit up, her muscle tone has reduced. We realized that if we try hard enough, we’ll be able to fight the disease. Not a single day is spent without exercise aimed at recovery. We have been through several courses of acupressure in the Institute of Medical Technology in Moscow. We exercise every single day, Veronika gets massages. We bought special walking frame, it is great support for Veronika. She tries to walk with its help. She will walk towards her toys and not simply ask for them as before. One might think the results are not that great, but for us they are huge success. We are happier with every new day, because it brings improvement. It means hope will never leave us.

Doctors recommend rehabilitation courses every 3 months, it is a lot of money for our family. But I know that now Veronika really needs those courses. Her muscle tone started increasing again, and we cannot reduce it without professional help. Please, help my little girl!

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