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Stepanov Anatoliy, 15 years old

Date of birth: 23 March 2001.

Diagnosis: Cystic fibrosis (CF). The latter winter was very difficult for Tolia; he had to stay at hospital for a long time, but no medicine could kill the infection. As a result, the boy lost a lot of weight, so the doctors have recommended that he should take special nutrition. But his parents do not have enough money to pay for it. They do need your help!
25 May 2016

From his mother's letter:

I am still horrified while remembering the times when we first learned that our son suffered from cystic fibrosis. We had already had two daughters and dreamt about a son, but the happiness we were filled with after his birth was overshadowed by the awful diagnosis. We went through many things: despair, tears, unwillingness to live. I saw no future either for the baby or for the family. I am so grateful to God that He helped us to arrive to Russian children's hospital in Moscow in time. There the doctors not only managed to end the crisis, but also taught him how to live with the illness. Tolia is a good child. He is very serious for his age, very sociable and determined. Whatever he is doing, he does his best: if he is learning, he gets only excellent marks; if he is painting, his works are fascinating; if he is making presents, they are hand made created with love. He is dreaming of a world without illnesses, hospitals and doctors.

Our family is already familiar to you: when we face a really serious problem and our income is not enough to pay for the medicine for Tolia, we write to the Fund, and you always help us. After the difficult winter, during which the boy got worse, his weight dropped up to only 20 kilos. It is really difficult to make a child with Cystic fibrosis put on weight; common food will not do here. So the doctors have recommended that Tolia should take special nutrition «Nutridrink». We need RUB 20 000 a month to afford the medicine. I had to leave my job because of Tolia's illness; we have to stay at hospital once three months. My husband earns as much as a man could earn in our city. The better part of the money is spent on the medicine and the trips to Moscow's hospitals. We cannot afford to raise such a sum every month, so we have to ask you for help once again.

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